the end of the party for AI?

October 6, 2023 Dsxhub 0

The American company Midjourney, which designed the artistic AI of the same name, is being sued for plagiarism. According to the prosecution, the image-generating tool […]

discover our new developer tools

October 4, 2023 Dsxhub 0

To stimulate metaverse development and make it more realistic, Nvidia has just unveiled new tools for virtual world creators. On the program: realistic, emotional avatars, […]

About Keen Technologies

October 3, 2023 Dsxhub 0

John Carmack, video game legend and former CTO of Facebook’s VR arm, unveils Keen Technologies. The startup has already raised $20 million, and has set […]

what are the objectives?

October 3, 2023 Dsxhub 0

Deep Learning training enables you to acquire expertise that is highly sought-after by companies. Find out what skills you can acquire by following such a […]

the divorce video

October 3, 2023 Dsxhub 0

Researchers at UC Berkeley have created an AI robot capable of folding laundry in record time. Check out the video demonstration, and see how this […]