AIs ChatGPT, Bard and Claude reveal their shock predictions for 2024

What will happen in 2024? What events will mark this year? To find out, discover the predictions of today’s best AI chatbots: ChatGPT, Google Bard and Anthropic Claude!

L’year just ended was a particularly eventful one and full of news. In addition to the wars in Ukraine and Israel, 2023 will be remembered as the dawn of the AI era.

Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, MidJourney or DALL-E have swept across the world like a tidal waveIt has turned many industries upside down, transformed the field of art and turned our habits upside down.

With 2024 just around the corner, the question arises: what’s going to happen over the next twelve months? Will we get a bit of a break, with a quiet year with no major changes, or will we have to wait and see? will we still see major events?

To find out, British journalists from the Daily Mail have interviewed Google Bard and Anthropic Claude for their predictions.

These two language models were chosen for their ability to exploit information from the Internetunlike ChatGPT, which is based on a dataset dated 2021.

We might as well say it straight away: if these AIs are anything to go by, 2024 won’t be clearly not the year when we’ll finally be able to take a breath and decompress after a series of pandemics and the start of a world war.

Some of the predictions made by these chatbots are downright frightening. Here are a few what 2024 might look like in broad outline !

Towards the emergence of the first conscious AI?

conscious ia

According to Claude, Anthropic’s modelThis year could see the appearance of the first AGI: general artificial intelligence.

This term refers to an AI capable of reasoning on its own and apply the knowledge it acquires to new, unknown tasks, with the same versatility as that of the human brain.

The emergence of such AI is seen as the industry’s ultimate goal, but many experts also fear the far-reaching consequences it would have on our societies.

Faced with such an entity, most human workers would become totally useless, and it would be so intelligent that it could even manipulate us or turn against us and decide to destroy us…

According to the chatbot, “ in recent years, we have seen AI algorithms match or exceed human performance in specialized tasks such as object recognition, games or language processing.

Techniques such as Deep Learning and neural networks based on powerful computing infrastructures have led to these leaps forward. Major investments by large companies and startups suggest that the pace of innovation is not about to slow down.

And some AI researchers believe that we are now close to General Artificial Intelligence algorithms. capable of matching human flexibility and adaptability to different tasks and environments

Groups like DeepMind, OpenAI, Google Brain and Anthropic are pushing towards this goal. Although we probably won’t fully crack general AI in 2024, we could see demos of systems that start to show reasoningcreativity and decision-making capabilities. “.

According to, the problems posed by an AGI could include unpredictable behavior and work automation that exceeds workers’ ability to adapt…

Several rumors suggest thatOpenAI has already succeeded in creating such an AI in the greatest secrecy, which would have sown discord within the company because of the potential danger it represents.

Similarly, in 2022, a Google engineer was sacked for having claiming that an AI had become conscious in the firm’s laboratories. He claims to have conversed with the system himself.

He is therefore quite plausible that the first AGI already existsand that it will be revealed to the public sometime in 2024… unless its creators deem it too dangerous for humanity.

A new human evolution thanks to biotechnology?

human biotechnology

For his part, Google Bard expects major discoveries in the biotechnology will enable the human race to “evolve in 2024.

These include major advances in brain-machine interfaces to connect the human brain to the computer, which could change everything.

The Neuralink startup created by Elon Musk is working on implants that will enable connect our brains to AI. The first tests on humans are expected this year…

According to a study conducted by Foresight Factory, more than a third of consumers would be delighted to receive such an implant for easier connection to computer systems.

According to Bard, ” advances in biocompatible materials and robotic engineering could lead to bionic limbs restoring motor functions or even surpass human limits in strength and dexterity.

Visit exoskeletons could increase physical capabilities for heavy lifting, military applications, or to assist the elderly.

Brain-machine interfaces could enable direct communication between the brain and computersallowing control of prostheses, external devices or even virtual environments.

Potential applications include communication for paralyzed individuals, increased creativity and productivity, or even brain-to-brain communication.

The devices creating sensations of touch could revolutionize virtual reality and other immersive experiences, enhancing medical training, gaming and entertainment”.

In short, 2024 could be the year when technology enables mankind to surpass its limits and acquire new capabilities. new abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis

Welcome to the era of personalized medicine

personalized medicine

The days when we all took the same medical treatments are coming to an end. Starting this year, personalized medicine with tailor-made treatments based on DNA could transform human life.

According to Google Bard, AI will enable great progress in this field: ” personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine, aims to adapt treatments and preventive strategies to each individual’s genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

In this quest, AI is emerging as a key factor, enabling major advances in various aspects of medicine. By deciphering the vast volumes of genetic data, AI can identify risk factors for specific diseases, enabling proactive interventions and personalized prevention plans.

AI can explore medical records to discover patterns and hidden connections between symptoms, medications and outcomesleading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment recommendations.

It can analyze patient data and predict how they might react to different treatments, helping doctors to choose the most effective options and least dangerous for each individual “.

However, the Google chatbot also points out the dangers of using AI in medicine such as the risk of personal data leakage, or discriminatory bias in the choice of treatments.

A risk of hacking the American elections?

hacking american elections

Across the Atlantic, 2024 will of course be marked by the presidential election. However, this event raises concerns about a risk of foreign interference and manipulation via cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns…

These serious threats could impact public opinion, sow discord and even destroy the very essence of democracy…

According to Bard, it is quite possible that malicious actors will try to use technology to influence the election. In particular, they could attack voting machines to create mistrust about the results.

Already in 2020, Donald Trump denounced such actions. According to Bard, “ malicious actors could target registration databases voting machines, or election results reporting systems to disrupt the voting process, cast doubt on the results or even manipulate them.

Steal sensitive voter data or campaign information can be used for blackmail, disinformation campaigns, or voter suppression tactics.

From bots and fake accounts can be used to propagate propaganda, amplify certain narratives, or silence opposition. The Deepfakes, audio recordings or video recordings can further blur the line between fact and fiction.

Visit tailor-made fake news articlessocial network posts, or even personalized emails can exploit existing biases and anxieties to push voters towards specific candidates or simply discourage them from voting”.

War between China and the United States?

war china united states

After Ukraine in 2022 and Israel in 2023it’s the United States that risks going to war with China in 2024. At the very least, that’s what AI Claude predicts..

In her view, tensions between the world’s two superpowers will continue to grow in the coming year. This would be the logical continuation of heightened tensions between Taiwan and China over the past four years.

As a reminder China seeks to assert its sovereignty over this democratically governed island, which considers itself independent. According to Claude, “ the relationship between China and the United States and its Western allies has become strained in recent years due to several key factors.

Taiwan remains one of the main bones of contention, because China sees it as a province which should be reunited with the country by force if necessary.

Or, Taiwan has evolved as a democratic society with its own identity. The United States has historically supported Taiwan’s right to self-determination and provided arms for its defense, aggravating tensions with China.

If Taiwan moves towards formal independence in 2024, this could provoke a more aggressive posture… or even military action by China “.

Between AGI, medical revolutions, election hacking and war between the world’s two leading powers: now you know what to expect in 2024. See you at the end of the year to see if these predictions have come true. !

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