5 free online training courses to become an expert

Yes, it’s now possible to train in the field of generative AI on the Internet. And these courses are totally free for those interested. A golden opportunity to become a connoisseur in this revolutionary sector.

The world of AI is evolving at lightning speed. Algorithms are so powerful that they can answer the most complex queries. What’s more, this sector seems so sophisticated, especially if you’re a novice. And yet.., there are free training courses available to improve your knowledge of generative AI. And don’t forget that these opportunities are free.

The basics of generative AI

This course focuses on prompt design. Here, you’ll learn the best techniques for creating immersive generative AI. On the other hand, you’ll also focus on approaches to combat misuse of the command prompt. A comprehensive course, perfect for beginners in this field.

Introduction to generative AI

This course is also recommended for beginners. Here, specialists will explain generative AI, and its particularities among the various types of artificial intelligence. In addition, you will be taught about Google tools. Application developers will benefit most from this opportunity. Indeed, it will be easier to create their own AI tool with these possibilities.

Microsoft Azure IA

And yet another opportunity for developers. The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals training course is a complete course on generative AI. Here, you will understand the major language models of artificial intelligences. Next, you’ll focus on tools such as Copilot. Some parts of the course introduce you to the latest AI technologies.

Some modules focus on Microsoft’s principles of responsible AI. This makes it easier to avoid any derivative uses of artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Responsible AI

This course is designed to deepen your knowledge of responsible AI. Specialists explain the usefulness of this module, as well as its application in the real world. By way of example, you’ll learn about considerable information about the application of Google’s responsible AI. This high-tech giant uses this concept to improve its products.

Training to design an AI

You will benefit from clear learning plan with this module. Start by creating an overview of generative AI, and planning a precise design project. You’ll also have methods for presenting your work to business and technical decision-makers.

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