This revolutionary Samsung robot vacuum cleaner will replace your wife…

cleaning lady. Ahead of CES 2024, Samsung has unveiled a new version of its Jet Bot robot vacuum cleaner, last updated in 2021. This is the first device of its kind to combine a mop and a steam vacuum cleaner!

With 28% growth in 2020The robot vacuum cleaner market is going from strength to strength in France. In the same year, more than 220,000 of these devices have been sold in France!

These machines, which automate household chores, have been all over the world.and the technology giants intend to continue exploiting this juicy vein.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo: the first robot vacuum mop + steam cleaner!

As the CES 2024, taking place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, Samsung announces the Bespoke Jet Combo a robot vacuum cleaner that combines mop and steam cleaning in round format.

Sa Clean Station base station also offers autonomous emptying and cleaning functions. The bag is automatically emptied, and the water tank filled while the two rotary mops are washed and dried.

The Total Cleaning System for mops consists of three stages: automatic washing, steam cleaning and drying with hot air. Once washed in high-temperature steam-heated water, the mops are sprayed with steam to eliminate any odours.

Never before has a robot vacuum cleaner offered steam cleaning functionality. What’s more, Samsung explains that it can be applied during vacuuming if the robot detects dried stains on the floor.

As soon as a stain is detected, the vacuum cleaner returns to its station, warms up its mops with high-temperature water and steam, and returns to clean the spot at a rate of 170 rotations per minute.

A new AI capable of recognizing different floor types

Like most high-end robot vacuum cleaners, the Jet Bot Combo uses artificial intelligence to navigate efficiently around the home. This technology has been used by Samsung since the 2021 Jet Bot AI Plus.

It enables the device to avoid obstaclesIt recognizes furniture and objects in the home, and bypasses them if necessary. However, object recognition has been improved on this new model.

It can now recognize more elements, identify different areas of the home and detect stains on the floor. A new 3D sensor also enables more precise driving.

Moreover, this AI even allows the Jet Combo to distinguish between soil types thanks to AI Floor Detect. It can thus determine when to lift its mops when passing over a carpet, or return to its recharging base to remove them for vacuuming.

Only one other robot vacuum cleaner on the market already offers this mop removal feature: the DreameBot L20 Ultra. According to user feedback, this is a very useful option, as it eliminates the need for manual mop removal.

Price and release date

For now, Samsung has yet to specify technical specifications of this device. We don’t know its autonomy, the size of its battery, the type of brushes, the capacity of the water tank, or even if a camera is on board as on the Jet Bot AI Plus.

It seems that this product is not quite finalized yetsince Samsung’s press release indicates that the robot is “ currently in development “and its functionalities are subject to change.

You’ll need wait until CES to find out more. Likewise, the launch date and price have not yet been revealed. For information, the Jand Bot AI Plus 2021 costs $1300.

We can expect many robots to be presented at this year’s CES. The Samsung’s great rival, LG, has also unveiled an adorable little robot designed to keep an eye on children and pets.

However, it’s not only the beginning of the great home robotics revolution. According to Elon Musk, by 2050, we’ll all have a humanoid robot at home, capable of doing all our daily chores for us…