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We finally know the salaries of the OpenAI engineers in charge of developing ChatGPT. Get ready: when you discover this six-figure sum, you’re bound to be tempted by a new vocation… but really, why such a high salary?

With 1.7 billion visits in one year, ChatGPT is without doubt one of the world’s most popular applications. It’s safe to assume that the people who develop it are extremely well paid.

However, you probably don’t realize how much how high their salaries are. According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, OpenAI engineers are among the highest paid in the world. in the industry.

According to the data, a talent recruited by the firm can expect to earn more than $800,000 annually between salary, bonuses and shares.

For comparison, it’s twice that of an AI engineer or researcher recruited by Nvidia (another artificial intelligence behemoth).

OpenAI job offers fluctuate between $200,000 and $450,000 a yearbut bonuses can double this income.

OpenAI ready to spend lavishly to recruit top talent

These high salaries are not all that surprising, however. Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the most revolutionary technology of the momentCompanies that succeed in establishing themselves among the leaders will reap huge rewards.

Investors do not hesitate to inject massive sums of money. In fact, OpenAI prepares to close a new round of financing which will enable it to pass the $100 billion valuation mark.

This gives these companies the ability to spend lavishly to attract the best experts. And that’s a huge advantage.

In fact, according to this report, it is extremely difficult to recruit and retain experienced and competent profiles.

Experience is very important in this field, because “ there is a big difference between understanding AI models and having the skills to apply them. “.

According to Levels.fyu, AI engineers benefit from a 12.5% higher remuneration than other engineers. Across the industry, salaries are skyrocketing.

Towards even higher salaries in 2024?

And the trend won’t be reversed any time soon. According to several specialists, 2024 could be ayear of the “AI PC”..

We can therefore expect AI engineers to be in even greater demand, in order to develop new applications taking advantage of hardware and AI-powered OSes such as Windows 12.

If you want to enjoy an astronomical salary, you know what you have to do: choose one of the best AI training courses to acquire this coveted expertise!

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