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Microsoft has just adopted an effective strategy to stay in the AI race. Bill Gates’ company has quietly launched the Android AI Copilot application. From now on, you no longer need Bing to access this tool. Find out how to download this application now!.

High-tech giants always want to remain a leader in the AI sector. Some focus on updates, others on innovative features. But Microsoft may just have made a breakthrough in this competition. The company has launched its new Android Copilot application a week ago. The tool is available on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the iOs version has not yet been announced.

Copilot application, ChatGPT’s direct competitor

Has Microsoft just launched a tool to rival OpenAI’s innovation? In any case, this AI offers the same functionalities as ChatGPT. In fact, the Copilot application is capable of generate responses from users’ text queries. You can then use this feature to write e-mails or documents. You can even choose the style of conversation to suit your needs. It really is a efficient chatbot to support you in your daily tasks.

Copilot also has access to DALL-E 3. You can generate images with this Android application.

However, Copilot is totally freeeven though it is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 language. This approach is a good thing for this application. Indeed, this version is not free on the ChatGPT side.

And while the app isn’t yet available in an iOs version, iPhone and iPad fans can still use it. They just need to use Bing to enjoy the benefits of Copilot.

A strategy to become a sector leader

Microsoft has a well-established plan to become a reference in the AI world. The company first integrated its AI into Bing. The next logical step is the launch of the Copilot application. It’s a bit like OpenAI’s approach with ChatGPT.

Bill Gates’ company wants to offer an atypical user experience. She has also created her own :

Start with download the application Copilot on Google Play Store. This download platform is recommended, as it is one of the most secure available. Then go through the installation steps. All that’s left is to launch the application. L’Copilot assistant makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the application. You don’t need to log in to your account. Microsoft account to take advantage of the Chatbot feature.

However, the assistant will advise you to go through this step. This is the only way to benefit from the advanced options. For example, you’ll have access to GPT-4 with this approach.

You can also adjust the Copilot application to suit your preferences. Go to the settings area to change the theme, region and language. If you need to, you can delete the data.

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