The AI App Store finally opens! How to sell your chatbots?

The GPT Store will finally be accessible from the beginning of January 2023! On this store, you’ll be able to buy AI chatbots designed for specific use cases… or sell those you’ve created using the GPT Builder! We take a look at this platform that will democratize AI applications…

Initially announced in 2023 at OpenAI’s first annual DevDay conference, the GPT Store is a platform for buying and selling GPT chatbots. created by the user community. The AI equivalent of the App Store!

Originally scheduled for the end of the year, the launch has been postponed to 2024 due to internal tensions within the American company. However, OpenAI has finally confirmed a release in January 2024.

Anyone, including you, can sell their own chatbots to meet specific needs. It may be a GPT specialized in cooking, computer codeastrology, video games… the only limit is your imagination!

Create GPTs does not require coding experience thanks to the intuitive GPT Builder tool.

For example, it is possible totrain a GPT on a collection of cookery books so that it can answer questions about ingredients or recipes.

Likewise, a chatbot can be fed with computer code bases by software developers. This will enable code to be generated in line with corporate practices and style.

He write down the capabilities you want for your GPT in natural language, as you would when addressing ChatGPT. L’AI will create such a chatbot.

To find out more, see our complete step-by-step guide to learn how to create and train a GPT on your own, by following this link!

How much money can you make selling your GPTs?

This GPT Builder has been available since DevDay in November 2023, and from numerous customized chatbots have already been created. However, until now, the Store for exchanging them has not been accessible.

However, before market their GPTs, developers will need to ensure that that they comply with the new rules set by OpenAI. They will also need to have their user profile verified.

On don’t yet know what the business model will be and the percentage of revenues that GPT vendors will have to pay to OpenAI. No details have yet been given, but more will be revealed next week.

The GPT Store and the sale of custom chatbots are the logical continuation of the introduction of third-party plugins for ChatGPT in March 2023, with OpenAI’s aim of monetizing its technology to achieve profitability and cover the astronomical costs of its AI…