Create your playlist in seconds with ChatGPT

Most music streaming platforms have an impressive playlist library, and there’s something for everyone. Only, that playlist isn’t yours, and creating one can be particularly time-consuming. Don’t panic, there are easy ways to compose the ultimate playlist you can use for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. The secret? ChatGPT.

A personalized playlist in seconds with ChatGPT

Beyond your musical tastes, you’ll agree that a playlist is also a question of mood, occasion and sentiment. You certainly won’t be playing the same playlist to create a relaxed atmosphere on a Sunday afternoon or for your guests for the festive season.

By the way, your playlist will add to the atmosphere you want to create: smooth and jazzy, pop, funky and groovy, nostalgic (80s, 90s, 00s…), etc. However, creating a playlist can be very time-consumingunless you take advantage of ChatGPT’s performance to do so.

It is indeed possible touse this chatbot to create your playlist. More specifically, you can use ChatGPT to automatically generate Spotify (or Apple Music) playlists. To access this feature, you’ll need to install a plugin called PlaylistAI in the OpenAI chatbot. This app allows you to create playlists with simple prompts and taking into account your listening history.

Instead of spending hours manually searching and selecting tracks, let PlaylistAI do all the work. With this tip, it only takes a few seconds to generate a personalized playlist. You can create as many as you like, and all your playlists will be automatically added and listed on your Spotify account.

Creating my playlist with PlaylistAI: quick step-by-step guide

Before you can install Playlist AI on ChatGPT, first access the chatbot’s Plus version. Once you’ve logged into ChatGPT Plus, click on GPT-4 and switch to this latest version if you haven’t already. This step is important, as the plugin does not work with GPT-3.5.

In ChatGPT-4, you have a Plugins” option where you’ll find the “Plugin Store”. Search for PlaylistAI in the store (use the search field). Click on it and install the app. Connect to your Spotify account. Click on “Authorize” to allow PlaylistAI access to your account.

Once you’ve installed the PlaylistAI plugin, you’ll see it appear in the plugin section of your ChatGPT account. Now you can start creating playlists on Spotify. You submit the prompts, ChatGPT suggests a list that you can modify at any time to have the ultimate playlist.

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