This adorable LG robot will watch your children for you

An adorable LG robot capable of looking after your children and taking care of the house. The Korean firm unveils this little technological gem just a few days before CES 2024.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show takes place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, USA. But the Korean electronics giant hasn’t waited for this event to unveil its new baby: a little LG robot to monitor children in the house.

This atypical machine was designed as part of the Zero Labor Home. This is a program by the Korean brand to improve users’ daily lives through electronics. This major project will be further developed during the CES 2024. But LG is ahead of the game, revealing its little babysitting robot.

A robot that LG has equipped with AI to talk to your children

Now you’re wondering how a tiny robot from LG can babysit your kids for you? The answer: the new machine is actually an home automation control unit. Thanks to its ability to control your connected devices, it manages the home autonomously.

The little robot moves around the house on its own – thanks to its two wheeled legs – to carry out tasks. It features an integrated camera, speaker and various sensors. These enable it to collect data from its environment in real time. In particular, the robotic model can measure temperature, air quality and humidity.

Facial recognition is also one of the functionalities the little machine benefits from. But the important information here is the use of artificial intelligence for its system. The robot has the ability to understand complex conversations. This enables him to engage in dialogue with your children.

Ensuring the safety of your children and your home

Visit bipedal AI robot can interact verbally with users. LG even goes so far as to say that its new technological baby is able to express emotions. This is achieved by performing certain movements thanks to the flexibility of his leg joints or his big, round eyes.

When you return home, the little robot greets you at the front door. It scans your face and the timbre of your voice. to detect emotions. In this way, the AI guardian can, for example, play songs to relax or boost morale.

In addition, the little machine can provide information on your diary, road traffic, the weather or simply remind you to take a dose of medicine.

The home automation robot from LG that talks to children also security guard. It patrols the house when the whole family is out. The machine inspects each room for lights left on or an open window. You’ll then be alerted by notifications on your smartphone.

To find out more about LG’s AI robot that talks to children, you’ll have to wait until next year’s CES. The Korean brand will deliver new details on its new home automation gem during the event.