how to make a connected anal plug to cheat like a champion?

Like chess champion Hans Niemann, you can now create your own connected plug to cheat during a game. Check out this tutorial from electronic DIY company Adafruits.

For several weeks now, the world of professional chess has been in turmoil. Visit grand champion Hans Niemann is accused of cheating during an official game.

Specifically, he is alleged to have cheated with a vibrating anal plug capable of communicating with the outside world. This would have enabled him to receive help from one or more third parties.

Such a stratagem may come as a surprise. However, if you’d like to understand how the system works, Adafruit can teach you how to make your own connected plug: the “Cheekmate.

You can even use it in your own chess games. However, you can’t, out of ethical concern for your healththe editors advise against both cheating and inserting objects into your body.

Adafruit Industries offers a complete tutorial

Based in New York, Adafruit Industries designs, builds and sells open-source electronic devices. Its online store is well known to DIY enthusiasts who like to make their own gadgets.

This company also shares numerous tutorials on its website. The latest offers you build your own cheat plugstep by step.

For this DIY project, you’ll need a plastic soda bottle ” preform which has not yet been heated and expanded by the molding process. This type of bottle is totally leakproof and almost indestructible.

You will then need to integrate various electronic components into the bottle, including haptic buzzer, battery, ESP32-S2 card with WiFi, and various cables.

Text messages translated into Morse code

The tutorial also includes all the required code for the device to receive text messages via the Adafruit IO cloud serviceand translate them into Morse code. Subsequently, the messages are transmitted to the user via haptic buzzer pulses.

In order to test its device on video, Adafruit only unfortunately not found any volunteers. It’s just as well, as the video would never have been allowed on YouTube. The Cheekmate was therefore introduced into a slice of roast pork.

Since the beginning of the Hans Niemann controversy, several experts have argued that WiFi signals could never have reached the electronic device, given its location.

However, the device developed by Adafruits shows that this is possible. The only difficulty is adjusting the intensity of the encoded messagesto prevent your opponent from hearing the vibrations and to avoid hurting yourself…