The best prompt marketplaces for ChatGPT, DALL-E and generative AI

Discover the best marketplaces for generative AI, where you can buy prompts created by professional engineers to create content with ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AIs! These platforms also allow you to sell your own prompts to other users…

Visit generative AIs are one of the major innovations of recent years. These new-style tools can generate content from simple user-entered text, and the results are impressive.

There are different types of generative AI. Among the best known, DALL-E can create images, ChatGPT can produce text, and Make-a-Video can produce video. However, the quality of the content generated is highly dependent on the text entered by the user: the prompt.

However, it is sometimes difficult to write a high-quality promptthat is sufficiently precise and detailed to obtain the desired result. Prompt Engineering” is a real discipline, and could gradually replace programming in the face of the rise of AI. Take a look at our complete guide to creating the best prompts.

Fortunately, even if you’re not particularly inspired, there are already a number of tools available to help you create prompts. In addition, several banks and other marketplaces offer buy ready-made prompts created by specialists.

On the contrary, if you discover an innate talent for prompt engineeringthese platforms will enable you to profit by selling your services to other users. This could be a new source of income for you.

Through this file, discover the main platforms and marketplaces of prompts for generative AI. We’ll also introduce you to the best tools and software for creating prompts, so you can take full advantage of artificial intelligence!

What is a prompts marketplace?

To create an image, text, video or even a 3D model, a generative AI needs a prompt a phrase or text entered by the user to describe the desired result. In order to obtain high-quality content, it is necessary to provide a highly detailed, precise and well-written prompt.

A prompt marketplace is a website on which users can buy and sell prompts for generative AIs such as DALL-E, ChatGPT or MidJourney. Sellers are “prompt engineers”: a new profession born with the emergence of these tools.

On average, prompt markets take a commission of around 20% on each sale. Sellers therefore receive 80% of the sale price of their prompts. Once offered for sale on a marketplace, a prompt generally remains the property of its creator, who can withdraw it from the platform at any time.

In this still nascent field, there are unfortunately risks. After purchasing a prompt, a user may decide to distribute it for free on the Internet. What’s more, many Internet enthusiasts share their prompts for free on forums, and thus compete with professional engineers…

The best prompt marketplaces

Open to the public in 2022, generative AIs are still a novelty. However, there are already numerous marketplaces for buying and selling prompts. However, not all these platforms are created equal. Find out which are the most popular and what their advantages are.



PromptBase is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell high-quality prompts. You can get the best resultswhile saving API costs.

On this platform, you can find the best prompts, improve AI-generated content, reduce your API expenses, and market your own prompts. The prompts on offer cover various use cases such as the creation of 3D models, toys, architecture and photorealistic portraits.

Prompt prices vary from $1.99 to $4.99The platform takes a 20% commission on each sale. A consulting option is also available. This is currently the most popular prompts bank!

If you have a talent for writing prompts, it can be a lucrative business. According to Ben Stokes, creator of PromptBase, the platform attracts around twice as many buyers as sellers today.



PromptHero is the largest library of prompts for AI image generation models such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E and MidJourney. Here you’ll find the best AI prompts, and millions of images produced with this technology.

The search engine allows you to explore a wide variety of use cases, including architecture, interior design, food, photography, wallpapers, conceptual art, 3D and much more.



PromptSea’s goal is to remove the barriers to creation of AI-generated content, by reducing its complexity. This platform aims to assist users in their day-to-day use of artificial intelligence.

The creators of this platform see generative AI as an opportunity for individuals and small studios, and want to help them produce high-quality content simply and affordably. The name “PromptSea” refers to “OpenSea”: the NFT’s main trading platform since 2017.

Indeed, this marketplace of prompts has the particularity of being blockchain-based. The images sold are offered in the form of NFT tokenstokens, accompanied by their prompt. In this way, the prompt is encrypted and only revealed to the NFT holder. This eliminates the risk of plagiarism and reproduction.

Currently, PromptSea is based on the Polygon blockchain. It is therefore necessary to own a Polygon wallet in order to purchase AI-generated images and their prompts.

Creative Fabrica CF Spark

The Creative Fabrica marketplace allows you to discover all kinds of digital assets. With several million users, it’s a well-established marketplace. It is therefore an excellent distribution channel for selling your AI-generated images.

This platform is based on Stable Diffusion, and allows you to create images directly to share with community members. With a single click, you can generate images and sell them on the marketplace.

Lexica Art

lexica art

This search engine allows you to discover millions of images generated with AI Stable Diffusion. By clicking on an image, you can discover variations in a similar style.

The stated aim of this platform is to enable everyone to create what they imagine, and to invent new means of expression and entertainment. At a seed fund-raising event led by Daniel Gross, Lexica raises $5 million.

arthub ai

This platform is ideal for discovering AI-generated designs, images, artworks and prompts created by top artists and designers in the community. Users can share their creations with millions of members.

The site features AI-generated images for all kinds of themessuch as fantasy, architecture, food, furniture, fashion, logos, science fiction, jewelry and oil painting. presents itself as a creative community, dedicated to the exhibition, discovery and the creation of AI-generated art. Here you’ll find thousands of images created by artificial intelligence.

visualize ai

The marketplace is dedicated to the buying and selling of prompts DALL-E, MidJourney and Stable Diffusion. It also lets you create your own images using an integrated studio, and sell them on the market.

Register now, users receive 100 tokens free of charge to create images. The marketplace also offers free images.

Now you know the main marketplaces where you can buy or sell AI prompts. Among the alternativesinclude promptMANIA, KREA, Civitai,, ArtRoom AI and OpenArt.

In the future, generative artificial intelligence will be used more and more. We can therefore expect a large number of similar platforms will emergeand the profession of prompt engineer is developing rapidly…