innovative training at the IA School

Artificial intelligence is the future. This is confirmed day by day thanks to increasingly innovative technological advances. This field offers unprecedented opportunities, as well as competitive and highly sought-after job offers.

The IA School’s Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Visit artificial intelligence training gives learners access to two equally captivating specializations: Data Analyst and Data Scientist.

By enrolling, you will have access to theoretical and practical sessions over a two-year period. A highly qualified teaching team will ensure the best possible learning program.

With both face-to-face and distance learning methods, you won’t have to worry about being too far away from the institute, or not being able to attend if you can’t make it.

What’s more, the direct application of new knowledge will enable you to gain the experience you need to anchor this knowledge more firmly thanks to the various contributors to this AI training course.

The Data Analyst master’s degree

This program, divided into two years, will allow you to brush up on your skills and get to grips with the world of data analysis. immerse yourself in analytical AI. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your mathematical, programming and computer science skills to specialize in these professions.

During the Mastère 1 program, you will learn to collect, sort and analyze data using a computer language, in order to exploit them effectively. You will also be able to build different types of virtual files that will go into an efficient database, which you will then be able to summarize for better use.

At the end of this first year, you’ll have a perfect command of these elements so that you can move on to the second stage.

The Mastère 2 Data Analyst will enable you to build on your success and perfect your skills in the following areas meta-analysis of data. You can easily use Python to help you collect, translate, extract and convert data into tables or diagrams for better understanding.

You’ll be a real asset to any company seeking to understand and map these parameters.

The Data Scientist master’s degree

The Data Scientist master’s degree is designed for students whose career is focused on the predictive aspect of AI. In the first year, the program resembles that of the Master 2 Data Analyst.

The second year, on the other hand, focuses on the practical application of the skills developed. You will be able to build a dashboard which summarizes the various data available, programming a web site or an application, find a suitable algorithm that can solve a defined problem and optimize it in terms of performance, deep learning, etc.

Drastic selection

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that, while the opportunities offered by AI are interesting, admission requirements are still fairly selective.

To apply for one of these two master’s degrees, you need to hold a Master’s 1 in each specialization.

A bac+3 is the bea-ba for specialization in data analysis, but the training courses accepted are diverse and varied. In some cases, however, students may be redirected to a lower level in order to obtain a higher diploma.acquire the pedagogical skills required for master’s degrees in AI.

When it comes to training as a Data Scientist, you need a degree in mathematics, engineering, computer science or statistics.

Job opportunities in AI

AI professions (and Data Scientists in particular) are among the most promising best jobs out there. They are highly sought after and very well paid.

As its name suggests, data science involves processing masses of data in order to extract business-relevant information.

Data analysis, on the other hand, exploits available data to improve the state of the business concerned. However, your work will begin with the reliable collection of this information and its organization in such a way as to make it usable.

Whether it’s a large multinational or a small start-up, every company needs experts in data analysis and processing.