This YouTube AI lets you take on the voice of the stars

The digital age never ceases to amaze. The latest? A revolutionary AI feature launched by YouTube. It offers a unique musical experience, using the voices of famous artists.

YouTube’s new AI gives birth to Dream Track, a revolutionary musical experience that lets users create music using the voices of famous artists. Find out how this innovation is revolutionizing the music creation process.

New YouTube AI revolutionizes music creation with Dream Track and the voices of famous artists

YouTube recently announced the launch of Dream Track, a unique experimental AI feature. This innovation gives users the power to generate music by harnessing the voices of famous artists. This is made possible by artificial intelligence. Dream Track works on a simple but revolutionary principle. Users describe the mood or concept of the song they wish to create. The AI then composes a song corresponding to these criteria.

Initially, nine artists agreed to lend their voices to this experimentoffering a variety of timbres and musical styles. The extracts produced by Dream Track will last up to 30 secondsallowing rapid but meaningful exploration of various musical ideas.

This project is described by Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Global Head of Music. Toni Reid, Vice President of Emerging Experiences and Community, shares this vision. They see this experiment as aiming to create deeper connections between artists, content creators and their fans. They emphasize the potential of AI to enrich creative processes and offer new ways of connecting fans with the creators they admire.

Implications and future prospects

The new YouTube AI, beyond Dream Track, is part of a broader vision of integrating artificial intelligence into music creation. YouTube and Google have announced the upcoming launch of other AI-based music tools. These tools could simplify and revolutionize the songwriting process. These tools promise to transform ideas and inspirations into concrete music, opening the door to new creative possibilities. For example, a user could create a guitar riff simply by humming it, or take a pop tune you’re working on and give it a reggaeton twist.

The artists involved in Dream Track expressed various reactions. Charli XCX, for example, shared her reservations about the impact of AI on the music industry, while acknowledging the creative opportunities it offers. Demi Lovato, for her part, considers the experiment to be a natural extension of her artistic approach. It consists in constantly pushing back the limits of creativity. These mixed reactions reflect the complexity and multi-faceted nature of integrating AI into music.

The implications of this new YouTube AI are not only artistic, but also legal and ethical. The use of AI-generated voice clones raises questions about copyright and artistic authenticity. Entities such as Universal Music Group have already expressed their concerns. They have stressed the need for streaming services to support artists’ rights. In addition, they called for potential AI-related infringements to be discouraged.