ChatGPT Plus no longer accepts subscribers: What’s the alternative?

ChatGPT Plus will be closed to new subscribers until further notice. Unintentionally, OpenAI is creating a black market for existing accounts.

Is the number one in artificial intelligence a victim of its own success? OpenAI must suspend all new subscriptions to its generative chatbot’s premium service. This is because.., ChatGPT Plus no longer takes new subscribers due to saturation. Premium account resellers offer an alternative.

Sam AltmanCEO of the American company, made the announcement on the X social network. ” The peak use after development day exceeded our capacity “says Altman. The company’s priority is obviously to ensure that everyone enjoys a pleasant experience on the platform.

The publication does not specify when the premium service will accept new subscribers. An unbearable wait for some users looking for other alternatives.

ChatGPT Plus accounts shared to lure new subscribers

After the discontinuation announcement, it didn’t take long for premium account resale offers to flood social networks and online sales platforms. The publication on X below is just one example.

Third parties reselling subscriptions is nothing new. This is commonplace on streaming platforms such as Netflix. On the other hand, since Mr. Altman’s announcement, ChatGPT Plus account resales for newly turned away subscribers have spiked. This shows a strong demand for the service.

Usually, premium accounts sold on the black market cost less. This is because several buyers can end up using the same account. But that’s not always the case with ChatGPT Plus. Some rates are three times those of OpenAI.

Buying ChatGPT Plus on the black is not without risks

Buying ChatGPT Plus on the black market means above all exposing yourself to scams. Some offers are just there to extract money from their victims without actually giving them a premium subscription to the generative chatbot.

On the other hand, a resold subscription poses a serious problem in terms of confidentiality. Indeed, several people can use a single ChatGPT Plus account. This means that complete strangers can access each other’s data. But there may also be resellers offering exclusive access.

In a worst-case scenario, resellers are hackers. They offer premium subscriptions in order to steal buyers’ data. Not to mention that the Code Interpreter, available via ChatGPT Plus, contains a major security flaw.

So, what’s the alternative to ChatGPT Plus?

We obviously don’t recommend buying a premium subscription on the cheap. What’s more, reselling and sharing accounts is generally contrary to these platforms’ terms of use. These infringements can lead tocancellation of the initial subscriptionor even account closure.

By way of illustration, the resale offer promises one year’s access for a given sum. This does not necessarily mean that the buyer will be able to take advantage of these 12 months. In fact, OpenAI may close the account after three or four months, if the company finds any infringements.

ChatGPT Plus is currently closed to new subscribers. However, it is possible to register on the official waiting list. Those who have registered will of course be given priority when the service takes over new subscriptions.