Airbnb lays down $200 million for AI startup

Airbnb acquires this mysterious AI startup. The real estate platform is betting big on artificial intelligence to better satisfy travelers.

American digital giants are making the transition to artificial intelligence. The $200 millionAirbnb pays for this AI startup unknown to the public. The rental home-sharing platform is counting on this acquisition to develop its services based on AI technologies.

Last week, Airbnb integrated a new artificial intelligence feature. This new feature allows owners to easily create a virtual tour in photos. The photos are organized so that travelers can get a real feel for the structure of the house.

The AI that drives this feature is able to recognize the rooms in the images. This enables it to organize the virtual tour. Note that owners can personalize the tour by replacing the desired shots.

In its transition to artificial intelligence, Airbnb undoubtedly wants to take things to the next level. Hence the acquisition of GamePlanner.AI.

A startup founded by former Apple employees

GamePlanner.AI is a $200 million AI startup. That the public knows nothing about this company is quite normal. In fact, it operates in stealth mode stealth mode.

Developing companies often adopt this way of operating. They limit the information they release. Companies in stealth mode communicate virtually nothing about their activities, products or services. The aim is obviously to protect their ideas and projects before they are launched.

We know virtually nothing about the activities of GamePlanner.AI. However, its founder is well known. He isAdam Cheyer who once worked for Apple. This former iPhone engineering director is one of the co-creators of the voice assistant Siri.

In addition, Cheyer founded his new AI startup with Siamak Hodjatalso an Apple alumnus. There, he headed the natural language processing team for Siri.

What new features can we expect from Airbnb with this AI startup?

The real estate platform’s big boss is delighted with this new acquisition. Indeed, Brian Chesky welcomes the artificial intelligence revolution with open arms. For him, it’s not a matter of wildly applying the technology. Rather, the CEO is working to ensure that ” enriches humanity in a positive way “.

It should be noted that Chesky considers his company to be ” one of the most humanistic companies in the technology sector “. He intends to keep it that way with his new acquisition.

Remember that Cheyer is a specialist in virtual assistants. After his adventure at Apple, the American computer scientist created Viv Labs than Samsung then took over. The small start-up developed the intelligent personal assistant Vivwhose functionalities have been integrated into version 2.0 of Bixbythe South Korean giant’s virtual assistant.

Airbnb acquires AI startup Cheyer to create a virtual assistant based ongenerative AI ? We’ll probably know more in a few months. In any case, the real estate platform is counting on GamePlanner.AI to ” develop the best interfaces and practical applications for AI “according to its CEO.