Here’s what the Nintendo Zelda movie will look like according to AI

Nintendo recently announced a new Legend of Zelda live-action movie. You can now follow Link’s adventures with optimal graphics, mixed with total immersion. And AI has also given its take on the project’s renderings.

Legend of Zelda, Nintendo’s flagship game, has already captured the hearts of fans across the globe. It has cradled several generations since 1986. And the Japanese studio has maintained its leadership with new Zelda titles. But Nintendo still wants to push its limits. The gaming giant has announced a live-action Zelda movie. What would Link and his world look like in this film? AI was able to answer this question.

Midjourney once again proves its worth

High-tech enthusiasts are all familiar with Midjourney. This artificial intelligence specializes in creating images from text queries. It has succeeded in providing a glimpse of the characters in the new Nintendo Zelda live-action movie.

The idea came from a well-known company in the sector. Currys tried to represent characters from the world of Zelda using Midjourney. The company wanted to have a idea of the film’s renderings. Nintendo has given very few details about the film’s production. But the results have divided fans of the game. Some saw it as a real AI feat. Others didn’t approve of the project at all.

However, Midjourney manipulation requires precise prompts. Perhaps with a few improvements, the AI could provide images that would be faithful to the game.

Successful portrayal of certain characters

Currys wanted to give a glimpse of the majority of the characters in this live-action Zelda. It was no easy task for these high-tech specialists.

However, the design of the humanoid characters was a great success. The “live action version” of Link, the game’s hero, won over fans. The AI was able to represent his facial features, blond hair, weapons and costumes. The Princess Zelda is also faithful to the characters in the original game.

But the AI had trouble with the game’s other characters.

The specialists behind this innovation admitted that some renderings failed to live up to fans’ expectations. Indeed, the AI was unable to imitate certain characters, even with precise prompts.

This is the case of the live action version of Lady Riju. The AI has replaced her helmet with a golden headband. Admittedly, it’s a simple detail, but it won’t go unnoticed by fans. The Bokoblins looked like pigs in the AI representation.

Fans are waiting a precise casting from Nintendo for this new live-action Zelda. And rumors are already circulating on the Internet. According to some communities, Tom Holland would be the perfect actor to play Link. Thomas Brodie-Sangster could also play the younger version of Link. With their faces and their talent, these actors could make their mark with this film.