in just 5 years, we’ll all have…

According to Bill Gates, AI can reach peak performance within 5 years. The Microsoft co-founder drew on current advances in high technology, as well as his own experience in the industry..

AI-powered “agents”: Bill Gates’ vision for the future of this tool. According to this high-tech specialist, artificial intelligence will be able to improve everyday life for human beings within 5 years.. These “assistants” will then take care of certain activities, while constantly training themselves on their databases. And the chances of success are enormous, as several companies are also focusing on this subject.

AI-based “assistants

An AI-powered personal assistant – that’s what Bill Gates is planning for the years to come. This innovation will take care of everyday tasks. All the user has to do is delegate them, and it’s done. Here, all you have to do is communicate the request, and the artificial intelligence will take care of the rest. However, according to Bill Gates, this technology requires considerable progress.

To put it simply, this new AI-based personal assistant is presented as Jarvis. In the Iron Man and Avengers films, this artificial intelligence shows optimal versatility. It responds to its user’s requests in a matter of seconds. In some situations, Jarvis was even able to suggest ideas on a particular subject.

And high-tech giants like Microsoft and Googleare focusing considerable investment on Bill Gates’ vision. According to these companies, AI assistants will be able to generate content or take part in meetings.

The end of robots, the beginning of the AI agent era

Robots are one of today’s most widespread technological innovations. They are capable of performing precise tasks, following detailed commands. However, their performance is limited. Indeed, robots only respond to their user’s requests.

This concept is about to be revolutionized by Bill Gates’ vision of AI. The personal assistants imagined by one of the world’s richest men are highly sophisticated. They can always respond to user requests. But with the contribution of artificial intelligence, these “agents” can also propose alternatives. However, advanced training through machine learning and deep learning is required. And advanced technology is also needed to achieve this goal.

Instead of focusing on a single task, this new face of artificial intelligence will improve user productivity. In the long term, innovation could revolutionize the relationship between human beings and high technology. Moreover, it will be possible to personalize operating modes of the AI agent.

A major change for mankind

The new form of AI, imagined by Bill Gateswill improve human productivity. However, this innovation will also have considerable impact on everyday life. The transition to AI agents requires a major involvement of society. Indeed, the way employees, individuals and companies operate will enter a new era.