ChatGPT is now connected to the web: purchases, reservations…

With ChatGPT’s new connection to the web, the opportunities are endless for purchases, reservations and much more. Find out how this technological breakthrough can enhance your online experience today.

ChatGPT, the language assistant, has taken a leap forward by connecting to the web. This new evolution offers unlimited access to all the possibilities offered by the Internet, including purchases and reservations. Users can now use ChatGPT to navigate e-commerce sites with ease.

ChatGPT opens up to the world with its web browser plugin

OpenAI has recently added a new feature to its viral chatbot, enabling it to browse the internet using ChatGPT plugins. These allow the chatbot to connect to external data stores as well as to knowledge resources available on the Internet. The plugins are available in Alpha version to users and developers on the waiting list.

OpenAI plans to first grant access to selected developers and subscribers who have signed up for the ChatGPT Plus premium plan. The large company has also announced that developers will be able to create their own AI plugins.

“Our ChatGPT Plus platform is gradually integrating the plugins developed by our first partners to make them available. This activation is being done gradually to ensure an optimal experience. In addition, we are introducing a new feature that will enable developers to generate their own personal plugins for ChatGPT”.

The web browsing plugin is considered the most practical. This allows AI to retrieve data from the entire web to answer questions posed by users. It requires the Bing Search API to extract content and the display of hyperlinks to visited sites to formulate feedback.

ChatGPT: the ultimate Web plugin for instant search results

This new web browser plugin delivers search results instantly. For example, the AI performs displays a relevant result when the user asks for information on Oscar winners over the previous two years. It then provides a short, precise answer using this collected data. What’s more, ChatGPT can provide accurate quotes for factual data.

In addition, OpenAI has developed several plug-ins for ChatGPT which enable restaurant reservations or transportation. These additional features offer a more complete and convenient experience for platform users. OpenAI has integrated features from several partners such as Instacart, Milo, Kayak, Shopify, Slack and Zapier to achieve its goals. These partners have joined forces with ChatGPT to deliver an enhanced experience to their users.

Note that this plugin is not the first Internet-connected AI designed by OpenAI. The latter had already developed a similar tool called WebGPT. However, the project was abandoned, as the functionality presented unreliable information. OpenAI immediately took steps to prevent ChatGPT from behaving in the same way.