all about the AI that will revolutionize Office and Power Platform

Microsoft Copilot is a new AI assistant based on GPT-4, integrated into Office / 365 ecosystem applications and Power Platform tools. Find out everything you need to know about this powerful tool that could revolutionize the business world!

After integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, Microsoft has just announced a new Copilot for services and applications in the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform ecosystem.

This new tool was unveiled by CEO Satya Nadella during a “Future of Work” event. dedicated to AI and the future of work organized by Microsoft on March 16, 2023.

Powered by OpenAI’s new GPT-4 model, this co-pilot will help users generate documents, emails, presentations on Microsoft 365 and create applications or chatbots on Power Platform.

Copilot on Microsoft 365: a new way of working

According to Microsoft 365 director Jared Spataro, Copilot is a whole new way of working. This AI ” works alongside you, integrated into the applications used by millions of people every day. “.

Microsoft 365 users will be able to use Copilot to generate text in Word documentscreate PowerPoint presentations, or even help to use features such as PivotTables in Excel.

It can be invoked on all Microsoft Office applications, and on Word for create draft documents based on other files. The AI-generated text can then be freely edited and adapted.

As a chatbot, Copilot is even capable of create a PowerPoint presentation 10-slide presentation based on a Word document, or analyze and format Excel data.

Thus, Excel users can use it to instantly create a data-driven SWOT analysis or PivotTable.

The chatbot will also be able to provide information about upcoming Microsoft Teams meetings and related projects, or about changes within the organization such as recent hirings.

Still on Teams, Copilot can transcribe meetingsprovide you with a summary if you arrive late, or even summarize action items.

On Outlook, Copilot saves time deleting or replying to e-mails. Message threads can be summarized, and AI can even create draft replies. Buttons make it easy to adapt tone or length.

Copilot on Power Platform: let AI create your enterprise applications

In addition to Microsoft 365, Copilot will also be incorporated into Power Platform applications such as Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate.

AI will make it possible to use these tools to easily create enterprise applications and chatbots in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is describe what you want to build in natural language.

According to Charles Lamanna, Microsoft vice-president for the low-code platform, Copilot will help companies build solutions and provide suggestions for improvement.

On Power Apps, users will be able to use phrases like ” create an application to allow my employees to submit their time and expense reports “. L’AI will immediately generate the application.

In addition to building the interface and integrating the company’s data sources, Copilot can also help users analyze their data and visualize them. As an example given by Microsoft, it will be possible to ask ” what are the main reasons why an inspection fails? “.

In the same way, it will be possible to easily add chatbots to applications with Power Virtual Agents orautomate workflows with Power Automate. According to Microsoft, early adopters reported a 50% reduction in the time spent developing a Power Automate workflow.

Thanks to integration with GPT, users will also be able to use Power Automate and Copilot to generate text or synthesize documents documents.

How does it work?

To build Copilot, Jared Spataro points out that Microsoft has only not just connect ChatGPT to Microsoft 365.

This new AI is based on the “Copilot system. This system combines Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Microsoft Graph and GPT-4.

In particular, this enables it to improve the quality of prompts given by the user. For example, if Word is asked to create a data-driven document, the prompt will be sent to Microsoft Graph to retrieve context and data.

It will then be modified and sent to GPT-4. Subsequently, the response is again transmitted to the Microsoft Graph for additional accuracy, security and compliance checks. Finally, the response and commands are again transmitted to Microsoft 365 applications.

A still limited tool

To avoid disappointment for users, Jared Spataro points out that Copilot is not always correct. It can sometimes make mistakes.

Even in such cases, AI can still be useful. Even if it provides erroneous information, it will be able to serve as a starting point to save time.

The speed with which AI is being integrated into Office applications also raises concerns about the reliability of models. This is a particularly important point for a tool designed for enterprise use.

However, Jared Spataro explains that the company will clarify how the system makes decisions by indicating sources. Users will be invited to check and adjust content on topics requiring expertise.

In his opinion, it is important for Microsoft to act quickly and reactively, while learning in the process to respond effectively to customer needs.

According to Microsoft’s Chief Scientist, Jamie Teevan, safeguards have already been put in place when the system makes errors or presents biases, or when users attempt to hijack the tool.

This is one way of tackling the long-term implications and risks such as jailbreak. The company is aware that it will make mistakes, but intends to correct them quickly.

How to use Copilot Price and release date

À like the brave Clippythe unloved mascot of Office 97, Copilot acts as an assistant within Microsoft 365 and Power Platform applications. It appears in the as a chatbot.

For the time being, Microsoft is testing Copilot on Suite 365. with around twenty customers. The aim is to gather their opinions and feedback in order to improve the models. This is one way of ensuring that costly errors are discovered as early as possible.

The preview will be extended over the coming months. On his blogthe company explains that pricing and details will be announced in the coming months.

The experimental preview of Copilot on Power Platform is now available. on the OpenAI GPT service for the Azure cloud.

In the near future, Microsoft also plans to launch a Business Chat feature compatible with all Microsoft 365 applications and data.

It will use Microsoft Graph to assemble documentspresentations, notes and contacts into a single discussion interface on Microsoft Teams to generate summaries and much more.

A few days earlier, Google also announced AI features for Google Workspace, including AI-assisted text generation for Gmail, Docs and other apps in the ecosystem. It seems now clear that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the world of work