why is OpenAI sounding the alarm?

As AI gets stronger and stronger, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this technology has the potential to be used for nefarious purposes. With this in mind, there are a multitude of ways in which AI can be used to cause significant damage.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced remarkable growth and become a ubiquitous technology in our daily lives. It is used in fields such as medicine, finance, security and even culture. However, in this rapid advance of AI, some voices are beginning to be raised. Warnings are already circulating about potential dangers of overly powerful AI.

AI goes strong: the concerns of OpenAI executives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that offers incredible benefits for society, but it can also be used for malicious purposes. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is aware of this risk and expressed his concerns in an interview with ABC News. In his view, it is inevitable that people not respecting security limits implemented by companies like OpenAI for their AI technologies.

This concern is justified by the fierce competition in the AI sectorwhere many companies are striving to offer tools similar to those of OpenAI, such as the recent successor to GPT-3, GPT-4. Although OpenAI has an advantage thanks to its major investor, Microsoft, competition is not to be overlooked.

On the other hand, OpenAI’s executives have emphasized the difficulty of developing technologies such as GPT-4. However, this does not stop many companies from wanting to do the same thing. But in this race, some competitors may not be as aware as OpenAI about the dangers of AI. Overall, society needs to quickly find ways to regulate and manage AI. This must be done before malicious actors use it for harmful purposes.

AI goes strong: how to prevent potential risks?

OpenAI recently published a document describing the tests carried out on GPT-4, in which the testers deliberately sought to obtain potentially dangerous results. Their aim was to ensure that the company had identified and rectified possible harmful uses of AI.

This initiative is important because it shows the responsibility that companies must demonstrate when using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. However, despite these precautionary measures, criminals continue to find new ways to take advantage of these technologies.

Recently, fraudsters have begun to using AI tools to create voice clones of close relativesto solicit money from their victims. The potential risks of AI are many, including large-scale disinformation and offensive cyberattacks.

Companies need to be aware of these risks. With this in mind, they have a duty to work actively to prevent them. It must be borne in mind that responsible use of technology is essential to ensure everyone’s safety.