Towards an AI crisis in 2024? Rodney Brooks’ predictions

AI has really captivated attention over the past year. The term was on everyone’s lips, but one expert predicts that this revolutionary technology could experience a slowdown by 2024. According to Rodney Brooks’ prediction, it will be a difficult year for AI.

A recognized technological visionary

Rodney Brooks, former director of MIT’s AI and Information Laboratory, is a recognized technological visionary. recognized expert in emerging technologies. He regularly comments on technological developments. Since 2018, he has issued numerous predictionsincluding human space travel and autonomous cars.

One of the pioneers of robotics and artificial intelligence, Brooks has also been studying these fields since 1970. Considered one of the most accomplished experts in these fields, he has made numerous predictions on machine learning or machine learning, AI and robotics. The expert promised to pursue them until the age of 95in 2050.

Far from being a pessimist, Rodney Brooks is rather a lucid observer. He bases his predictions on his numerous experiences and findingsincluding past failures and disappointments. Brooks has experienced misleading advertising and setbacks in the world of new technologies. His past predictions were often accurate, which shows that he has a good understanding of the realities of technological progress. His knowledge of these fields and his clear-sightedness make him an astute observer of technological progress.

2024 will not be a golden age for AI

In his forecast for 2024, Rodney Brooks believes AI will enter a crisis. ” Grab your heavy coats now. There could be another AI winter “, he declared. He is particularly interested in large language models (LLMs) and artificial intelligence chatbots developed by high-tech giants such as OpenAI, DeepMind and Microsoft. Although impressive, he believes that these systems lack the ability to evolve into an AGI all-powerful. In his view, they lack real imagination. Despite their exploits, they remain limited.

Furthermore, according to Rodney Brooks, these AI systems still make an enormous number of errorseven on simple programming tasks. For him, they are still far from matching an IAG. For the moment, they’re just clever language manipulators. If his analysis is correct, future iterations will be based on the same limits.

There’s a lot more to life than LLMs. “, he adds. Brooks recommends using these AI systems to beneficial useswithout believing that they are on the verge of equaling human intelligence.