AI expert evidence

In order to avoid assassination, Putin uses several doubles who look exactly like him. That’s what Japanese artificial intelligence experts have revealed, following the use of facial recognition and voice analysis!

Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, a strange rumor has been circulating: the Russian president Vladimir Putin uses stand-ins and look-alikes for his public appearances.

If this theory may seem far-fetched at firstbut it has just been confirmed in all seriousness by a team of Japanese researchers!

According to them, the Kremlin uses at least two of Putin’s doubles. Their demonstration was shared on X by Anton Gershenko, advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior.

The scientific study was broadcast live on Japanese television channel TBSand is based on body movements, facial recognition and voice comparison.

After analyzed many of Putin’s speeches using artificial intelligence, the researchers are positive: there are several versions of the Russian leader. At least two.

Facial recognition distinguishes at least two doubles

The Putin considered authentic appeared in May 2023 for the Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square. However, his facial characteristics were compared with those of Putin seen driving a Mercedes on the Crimean Bridge in December 2022.

The experts found no only 53% similarity between the two. Similarly, the Putin who visited Mariupol in March 2023 has only only 40% similarity with that of the Parade.

He had already been seen on Russian television exploring the city in eastern Ukrainewhich has been the scene of much fighting since the beginning of the war.

He had visited a construction site for residential buildings, talked to the inhabitants, and inspected a future three-room apartment while giving instructions to deputy Marat Khusnullin.

In addition, the researchers found only 18% of similarities between the facial features of the Mariupol Putin and the Crimean Bridge Putin…

These revelations come against a thorny background, as Putin’s state of health raises many questions.

The secretary of the National Institute for Defense Studies, Shinji Hyodo, declared that he ” personally finds interesting that so many people say that the person who visited Mariupol was not Putin himself “.

He adds that scientific analysis proves this point since there is no only 18% facial similarity between the Crimean Bridge Putin and the Mariupol Putin .

According to him, facial recognition experts consider such a percentage to beno match in most cases, so it’s normal to assume that it’s a stand-in.

Voice analysis confirms the existence of more than one Putin

In parallel, vocal analysis of Putin were carried out by the Laboratory of the Institute of Audio Communication in Japan. They focused on biometrics, and in particular on the way in which the word “spasibo” (thank you in Russian) pronounced by Putin on various occasions.

Here again, the researchers observed distinct vocal characteristics between the Putin who spoke at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow in May 2023 and three other versions of the Russian leader.

Their conclusion is that voice heard at this forum differs strongly from that of other public appearances.

According to expert Mutsutoshi Muraoka, “ there is a difference in the recording conditions, and in the enunciation as such, but it remains extremely rare to have such strong differences “.

Thus, according to him, ” we have to say that, at this stage, the possibility that these two voices belong to different people is very high “.

Faced with numerous assassination threats that hang over Putin, it’s not surprising that he uses stand-ins. In any case, when you see Vladimir Putin, you now know that he’s not necessarily the real thing! Do you think Emmanuel Macron has understudies too?