The end of the West? This video of an armed Chinese robot dog will deprive you of sleep

China is now capable of dropping machine-gun-armed robot dogs from drones. A video posted on the web by a military subcontractor is causing alarm on the internet…

Over the years, China takes a technological lead over the West. The Asian superpower has already overtaken the USA in AI, and looks set to dominate the future quantum computing market. Now, a video published by a subcontractor confirms that China is surpassing us in military technology…

In this video, which is terrifying the Internet, we discover a robot attack dog released by a drone. As if that weren’t enough, the cyber-canine is equipped with a machine gun.

According to the New York Post’s investigation, this video was posted by the official account of “Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing” on the social network Weibo. This account is directly linked to a Chinese military subcontractor.

A robot attack dog dropped by a drone

The robot dog is released by a drone at the top of a building. He then stands up on all foursand begins to scan the area for prey potential prey. It can be placed on rooftops and cooperate with military troops.

A weapon is mounted on his back, to enable him to eliminate targets or attack enemies. This weapon appears to be a QBB-97 Chinese light machine gun. It can fire 650 rounds per minute with a maximum range of 400 meters.

The video is accompanied by a description: “ aerial assault, robot dogs falling from the sky, and Red Wing Combat robot dogs are delivered by drones. They can be positioned on the opponent’s rooftop to hold the ascendancy and reduce weaponry, or can be dropped on a weak point behind the opponent to launch a surprise attack “.

The text also specifies that “additionally, ground forces can launch a three-dimensional pincer attack against the adversary inside a structure “. In a nutshell, it’s best not to cross paths with this machine !

On the web, Internet users point out with horror the resemblance with the episode ” Metalhead “from the fourth season of Black Mirror available on Netflix. In this episode of the famous dystopian anthology series, a woman tries to escape killer robot dogs released into the wild…

Towards a robot dog war?

This is not the first robot dog produced by Kestrel. Previously, in August 2022, the company also tested a robot capable of carrying a rocket launcher.

However, the United States has also begun to equip robot dogs with weapons. Ghost Robotics presented a dog equipped with a gun in October 2021.

April 2021, New York Police Department also employed robot dogs. They were, however, unarmed. In the face of public criticism, Boston Dynamics’ Digidog service finally came to an end in May 2021.

The China, however, seems much more advanced in the field of robot dogs, and not just for fighting. At the Robot Expo in August 2022, numerous robot dogs performed an impressive collective dance.

During the containment of Shanghai in March 2021, robot dogs also patrolled the streets. They paced the alleys with a megaphone strapped to their backs, proclaiming the instructions for the fight against Covid-19.

In addition to China, Russia is also interested in robot dogs fighting dogs. Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin may deploy such machines in Ukraine.

Russia’s robotic arsenal includes flying Kalashnikovs, parachute dogs and robot tanks. While elite paratroopers have been seen approaching the border, robotic warriors could come to the aid of soldiers. for the capture of Kiev