OVHcloud launches 2nd generation of Bare Metal Scale servers

European Cloud leader OVHcloud unveils its second generation of Bare Metal Scale servers, designed for the most resource-intensive computing tasks, including artificial intelligence.

Optimum computing power for artificial intelligence

Roubaix, November 14, 2023, OVHcloud, Europe’s forerunner in the Cloud, persists in making innovation accessible to all. In doing so, it proudly announces the launch of its second generation of dedicated Bare Metal Scale serverswhich offers a succession worthy of the first Scale range of high-performance dedicated servers from 2021, but with even more computing power.

These new machines, designed to meet the needs of sectors such as healthcare, finance, industry, public sector and mediaThese applications benefit from the high performance of AMD and NVIDIA processors. They perfectly support the most intensive computing work, encompassing Confidential Computing, Big Data, data analysis, virtualization, container orchestration and Grid Computing.

Outstanding processor performance for real-time processing

In a world where every business relies on information, processing platforms need to be robust and secure. To this end, OVHcloud’s new second-generation Bare Metal Scale servers feature AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) technology, which can be found in fourth-generation AMD EPYC processorswhich reinforces the isolation of virtual machines.

With their robust, scalable servers, OVHcloud’s latest products benefit from the high number of cores offered by these servers. AMD EPYC processorsprocessors, in single or dual-socket configurations. This gives customers the computing power to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time. Ultimately, this facilitates decision-making. Not only can customers process and use data in no time, they can also store huge data volumes of up to 46 TB for NVMe storage.

“Following our revelations at the Very Tech Trip event earlier this year, we’re delighted to announce that we’re offering important innovations with new generations of x86 CPUsbringing greater performance and capacity. This enables our customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of the Cloud, while opening up new possibilities for use thanks to our platforms, including Grid Computing, VDI and inference” said Yaniv Fdida, Chief Product Officer at OVHcloud.

Innovation with AMD EPYC, DDR5 and NVIDIA GPUs

Equipping the second generation of Scale servers, AMD’s famous fourth-generation processor, the EPYC, also codenamed Genoa, is based on AMD’s highly advanced Zen 4 CPU architecture. This range of dedicated servers starts with the 16-core / 32-thread AMD EPYC and extends to a maximum of 96 cores / 192 threads in a single-socket configuration (SCALE-a1 to SCALE-a6). AMD’s fourth-generation EPYC processors, codenamed Genoa and Bergamo, which incorporate Zen 4C cores, equip the second version of the Scale range, offered in dual-socket configuration with a maximum of 256 cores and 512 threads. The SCALE-a7 offers a total of 192 cores / 384 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9654 codename Genoa) and the SCALE-a8 model offers up to 256 cores / 512 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9754 codename Bergamo).

For the first time at OVHcloud, the new Scale references support a DDR5 memory configuration ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB (4800 MHz), and can boast generous storage options ranging from 2 x 960 GB in NVMe storage to 6 x 7.68 TB in NVMe SSDs.

NVIDIA GPUs for Machine Learning

In addition to these new CPU-based Scale references, OVHcloud is also unveiling new dedicated SCALE-GPU servers taking advantage of NVIDIA’s L4 GPU, specially dedicated to data centers. Based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the NVIDIA L4 GPU is a general-purpose GPU that excels equally well in efficient video processing, as in artificial intelligence and graphics-intensive workloads.

The microprocessor comes out on top thanks to optimization specifically designed for jobs such as machine learning with visual classification, natural language interpretation, feature recognition or virtual work environments.

Guaranteed unlimited bandwidth with a private network up to 25 Gbps

In its second incarnation, the Bare Metal Scale proposition takes advantage of all the benefits of dedicated servers, from flexibility to availabilitywhile offering unrivalled performance and control. OVHcloud’s compelling support helps businesses manage their specific workloads, technology solutions and environments with ease, and guarantees predictable costs thanks to guaranteed unaccounted public bandwidth of 1 to 10 Gbps, and unaccounted private bandwidth of up to 25 Gbps.

Durability and information backup

Benefiting from OVHcloud’s unrivalled infrastructure know-how, second-generation Bare Metal Scale servers offer a secure cloud environment operating with total respect for the environment. ISO 27001 and HDS certification ensure the highest levels of data protection and security, protecting data from extraterritorial legislation. Leveraging the Group’s unique industrial approach, OVHcloud datacenters are equipped with a water cooling system that contributes to Cloud sustainability, achieving best-in-class PUE/WUE ratings. For more information, click here.


SCALE-a1 (16c/32t), SCALE-a2 (24c/48t), SCALE-a3 (32c/64t), SCALE-a4 (48c/96t), SCALE-a5 (64c/128t) and SCALE-a6 (96c/192t) are now accessible in OVHcloud datacenters located in Canada, France, Germany, Poland, the UK and the USA. Between December 2023 and March 2024, OVHcloud plans to expand into the APAC region. The SCALE-a7 (192c/384t) and SCALE-a8 (256c/512t) are also available now, to order. OVHcloud is expected to bring NVIDIA L4-equipped SCALE-GPUs to market in early January 2024.

November 14, 2023 press release