Midjourney plagiarized 16,000 artists, and their names have just been leaked

Copyright issues are always a problem in the AI world. And Midjourney is no exception. Recently, the names of 16,000 artists whom the AI has plagiarized were leaked. A delicate phase for this rapidly expanding tool.

AI models need to use a substantial database for training. This is essential to ensure accurate results. However, the source of information is often unclear. Some believe that AIs rely on routine information. Others claim that companies are exploiting artists to achieve extraordinary renderings. And Midjourney is currently experiencing this second situation. For a few days now, the names of 16,000 artists have been circulating on the internet. And 3 of them have already lodged a complaint against the tool in America.

16,000 names from various domains

This document contains crucial data concerning Midjourney habits. According to this publication, the AI exploits the works of 16,000 artists. Painters, video game specialists, art movements, etc. All sectors are represented in this data leak. This information is used to create Midjourney images.

This file also contains rather disturbing screenshots. This content illustrates discussions between Midjourney developers. In addition, one of the employees explained to his colleagues the databases supported by the tool.

Midjourney tried to correct the situation. The company has deactivated the link to the document. But this reaction was too late. Several sites had already archived the list in their databases. It is still possible to consult the list today.

“It’s simply a form of plundering”

This statement byillustrator Boulet sums up the situation perfectly. Boulet didn’t mince his words in an interview with France Inter. This artist represented his colleagues in denouncing Midjourney. Several victims are also in the same boat. From big names in artsuch as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fida Khalo, and even Man Ray are all victims of this situation. And to everyone’s surprise, Nintendo is also on the list. As you can see, no one is spared this massive AI data “vacuum”.

A complaint against Midjourney is already in progress

“The first to be penalized are the artists who have made the most free content available to people, the most idealistic ones. All their work is going to be exploited by third parties who are obviously not going to pay them anything”. One of Midjourney’s victim artists.

This statement has raised the awareness of many artists around the world.. They decided to rebel against one of the benchmarks in the AI sector.

It’s the perfect response to Midjourney’s approach.. 3 artists have already filed a complaint against the tool to denounce this practice. But it won’t be long before other victims follow suit. And this class action will be more effective, given Midjourney’s power. Indeed, the American justice system has rejected complaints before. Let’s hope the new strategy works.