Is Elon Musk a drug addict? Explosive report sets US on fire

According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is a massive user of all kinds of drugs. Numerous damning testimonies reveal his poly-drug addiction. These revelations shed light on his outlandish decisions… but also jeopardize his many businesses!

At the age of 52, Elon Musk is a world-renowned CEO. of numerous cutting-edge technology companies. He heads Tesla and its semi-autonomous electric cars, Space X and its rockets, Neuralink and its brain implants, and the X social network.

However, according to a new article published by the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is also sitting on a mountain of drugs.

A billionaire trapped by addiction?

Numerous sources told reporters that his consumption of illicit substances is totally alarming. Some even worry that it could lead to a serious ” health crisis “.

For many, it was drugs that led the richest man in the world to his death. to commit his most serious errors. For example, Tesla board members suspect he was drugged when he spoke on Twitter about taking the company private in August 2018.

This decision led to a fraud trial and cost shareholders tens of millions of dollars. According to sources interviewed by the WSJ, Tesla board members have even asked his brother Kimbal Musk to discuss the problem with him.

These serious addiction problems could also explain some of Musk’s impulsive behaviors, such as buying out Twitter for $44 billion. Since then, the social network is said to have lost 72% of its value

Elon Musk’s closest friends reveal his worst stoners

Still according to rumors, Elon was also completely stoned when he burst into tears during an interview recalling how difficult his year had been.

Previously, the American entrepreneur smoking weed on cameraand many witnesses report seeing him snorting cocaine, using LCD or eat psychedelic mushrooms in parties all over the world.

He has admitted taking ketamine on medical prescriptionbut is also rumored to have taken it recreationally with his brother in Miami. In 2017, he reportedly arrived an hour late for a crucial meeting at Space X. His words were so confused that another executive had to take over.

Musk denies all and insults the Wall Street Journal

Faced with these heavy accusations, Musk denies all allegations and accuses WSJ of slander. A day after the article was published, he also fired back with a simple “ lol “on the X network.

In 2018, when Musk smoked a joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast, NASA launched a $5 million investigation dollars. Six years later, we still don’t know what the verdict will be…

However, following the publication of the WSJ article, he revealed on X that he had agreed, at NASA’s request, to submit to random drug tests for 3 years. However, according to him, no trace of drugs or alcohol was found.

SpaceX’s government contracts directly threatened

Beyond his own person, this illegal habit could also threaten SpaceX’s government contracts, the jobs of thousands of peopleand investor assets estimated at $1 trillion.

These contracts worth $14 billion prohibit SpaceX employees from using narcotics.

Beyond these judicial implications, this case demonstrates once again that the drug addiction is not just a matter for the marginalized wandering the streets.

We already knew that many of the most popular music albums in history were composed under the influence. Now it turns out that it’s also possible to be the richest man alive, have more influence than heads of state, control the world and be the most influential person in the world. as stoned as Johnny Depp in Las Vegas Parano