How is data science used in different areas?

Data Scientist- What are some of the top 5 jobs for people with a data science background in 2014? What does Data Science entail?

1. Software Engineering and Design

This group of jobs assesses, designs, develops, and maintains software products that provide operational, scientific, business, and industrial applications with support for business and for the scientific community, such as databases, software components, applications, and software frameworks.

related jobs: Programmer, Software Engineer, Program Manager, Software Architect, System Architect

2. Big Data Analysis

This is a relatively recent term used to describe sophisticated processing and analysis of large quantities of data, often collected on real time and large scale. Data science in this sense is also used to describe complex data processing algorithms in which all stakeholders participate in the algorithm development and refinement.

related jobs: Analytics Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Scientist

Big Data are very different from the way that traditional statistics is usually applied. These days it is almost all on computer and data processing and a lot more on algorithms that can be implemented. Most of them are open source.

3. Marketing Analytics and Market Research

This entry level job typically involves helping direct a team or departments within the company to analyze data from different sources (such as customers, competitors, etc) and to determine market trends.

related jobs: Marketing Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing Marketing Analytics and Marketing Research

4. Other Engineering Role

Certain roles (e.g. software engineer, engineer) may include some degree of data scientists, especially those that will require deep expertise in the form of a senior level data scientist or the team scientist.

related jobs: Software Engineer, Engineer, Project Manager, Scientist

5. Information security

There are a number of major security issues in regards to data and the Internet today, such as the hacking of US politicians by Russian agents (using his own personal email account) to release information in a blog post that led to the resignation of the FBI Director. This is as likely to occur in your organization as is the number of broken credit cards on the office floor.

related jobs: Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Jobs in Information Technology

Job Description of Advanced Analytics

The result of many years of professional development and personal preparation, with a focus on principles of data science, to be able to understand and collect information to provide analytics across multiple data sources and multiple different business

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6. Data Visualization and Engineering

Data Visualization and Engineering is a data science role that involves utilizing data visualization and visualization techniques to show business significance and insights to customers, partners, analysts and decision makers. The role also explores the potential and values of data visualizations in the enterprise.
related jobs: Data Analyst, Data Visualization Engineer, Data Designer/article body Related Jobs:

7. Knowledge Management and Information System Architect

Knowledge Management and Information Systems Architecture involves forming and securing the business requirements, deciding on the data access model, developing data infrastructure, creating systems that support data access and managed systems, and determining the development process and technical requirements for the new system.
related jobs: Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Data Engineer, Enterprise Architect

8. Client and Sales Development

This role aims to empower the company’s sales staff and brand and drive the business forward by allowing them to develop and execute. The role entails developing strategies to execute on client expectations; defining market segments; planning customer experiences; creating internal communications to communicate customer needs; aligning advertising with brand goals; generating top-line results; and negotiating appropriate industry and regulatory changes.

related jobs: Information Marketing Specialist, Management Information Systems Analyst

9. Enterprise Consultant

This role involves bringing a robust technical, business, and market perspective to a project and its overall execution. This person will be responsible for identifying and analyzing market trends, optimizing the performance of the company’s existing systems, and connecting business objectives with software.

10. Creative Thinker

Creative Thinker has an abundance of flexibility, as it encompasses an array of role positions that allow a variety of outcomes and collaboration across business departments. In the creative thinker role, you will be expected to craft new products, programs and services, drive customer loyalty and elicit customer experience from the brand.
related jobs: Creative Specialist, Digital Media Strategist

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Job Titles, Salaries, & Earnings of Senior Data Scientist

We at DataCamp do some consulting, an occasional blog post, and sometimes pay headhunters for their clients. However, this is not how I manage the blog. I don’t pay a consulting firm to do data science for me. The blog post is curated by me and I’ve been doing this for about 4 years. It’s an experiment and I am also trying to find a job in the data world to build my resume. So, without further ado… The DataCamp Senior Data Scientist post. I was shocked to see that at some companies the median salary for a senior data scientist was around $100,000. Most of these folks probably have jobs that pay close to that, but not enough to make up for the cost of paying a consultant to do data science for them. If you think that salaries in data science are falling, then you’re right. Let’s talk data science salaries.

The average salary for a data scientist in the US is $84,770. I think the picture is slightly more sunny in London, where the median is just over $79,000. Even so, you can see that salaries are no longer rising. When the consulting firm found that the median salaries for data scientists in America were $100,000, I said, “Wait a minute. That can’t be right. It doesn’t seem like the data science field has been changing very much in