advances in Generative AI

ServiceNow adds a new dimension to its generative AI offering with Now Assist, packed with new features.

Now Assist’s new features

Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation and Now Assist for Field Service Management are the latest generative AI solutions to be released. integrated into the ServiceNow. This promises to enhance ServiceNow’s broad and constantly evolving range of generative AI applications. It’s enough to make our customers jump out of their seats, as they reinvent the way they work in 2023!

To find out more about the ServiceNow platform, don’t skip this video :

ZouParis – November 16, 2023 – ServiceNowcaptain-in-chief of digital transformation, with its head firmly in the cloud, unleashes a major expansion of its Now Assist generative AI portfolio with new superpowers to transform experiences and boost productivity. Ready to use, just a click away for all our customers, discover Now Assist in Virtual Agent, Flow Generation and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM), the latest true-to-life AI gems integrated into the ServiceNow platform. These three gems add to ServiceNow’s burgeoning portfolio of real-world generative AI applications that help customers transform the way they work.

Gartner predicts explosive growth in generative AI

Gartner predicts that “by 2023 to 2027, $3 trillion will be unleashed for AI”, and “generative AI will represent the jackpot of 36% of total AI spending” . Suffice to say, generative AI has a bright future ahead of it, and our ServiceNow customers have already fired up the engines, seeing savings and smiling growth, as well as improvements in efficiency and productivity across the enterprise. ServiceNow, with Now Assist, is paving the way for customers’ digital transformation through efficient implementations and turbocharged ROI.

ServiceNow Generative AI Now Assist

CJ Desai on the impact of generative AI at ServiceNow

CJ Desai, Big Boss of Operations at ServiceNow, tells us, “Our customers are going head-to-head with increasingly competitive markets, and AI will enable faster execution, sparrow-brained decision-making and business flexibility made of steel.” He adds, “ServiceNow is on the front line, brilliantly interweaving generative AI at the heart of the Now platform and enabling organizations to play with AI securely and confidently to generate business value worthy of a pirate’s treasure trove.

Satisfied customers of Now Assist

Now Assist in Virtual Agent, Flow Generation, and Now Assist in Field Service Management (FSM) are the magic wands that make all the difference in the world. productivity at our customers’ sites. They reduce the time spent extracting, synthesizing and creating basic information, while enabling interactivity, incident detour and workflow automation.

Generative AI as a lever for transformation

The Now Assist virtual assistant offers a superb asset to organizations wishing to set up high-end chat experiences with more intuitive guided configuration capabilities. Now, customers and staff can solve problems at full gallop and get what they need fast, while enabling organizations to see their call detour rates plummet.

ServiceNow Generative AI Now Assist

But that’s not all! Flow Generation, accelerates the pace of workflows on the Now platform by helping administrators and developers generate workflow plans at lightning speed. It’s like a superpower that lets developers create workflow automations from scratch.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA: a promising collaboration

Industry heavyweights are already Now Assist users, including CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, and a US government agency. NVIDIA is also on board, both as a customer and as a ServiceNow technology partner.

“Leading companies around the world are using generative AI to transform productivity,” said Sonu Nayyar, top dog at NVIDIA.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA
Generative AI
Now Assist

Hey, don’t blink, because you might miss a magic trick from our team of technomages! We’re going to use the ultra-high-performance features of ServiceNow Now Assist, powered by NVIDIA. And guess what? This explosive cocktail of case recap and Q&A will give our operations a boost, thanks to generative AI.

The benefits of Now LLM

AI is like the peanut butter in our Now Platform sandwich. Can you imagine? Their generative AI strategy is what gives its customers punch, offering them large-scale, well-secured machine learning support. It’s like having two flavors of LLM: the generalist version and the one made by ServiceNow’s chefs.

Generalists are like our Swiss Army knives. They offer flexibility to its customers, and currently extend to the Microsoft Azure OpenAI LLM service and the OpenAI API. Their in-house LLM, which we’ve dubbed Now LLM, is specially cooked for ServiceNow workflows, use cases and processes.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, ServiceNow’s Now LLM is a secure and responsible LLM support that brings high-end user experiences to the table, while ensuring transparency, governance and data security.

Press release dated November 17, 2023.