How did ChatGPT pass a business school exam?

A professor gave ChatGPT questions similar to those asked of students on their final exams. The AI had sufficient understanding of the topics to be able to answer them correctly and achieve a satisfactory score.

The result of the study is considered a great advance in the field of conversational technologies. It shows that AI can be trained to understand and process complex information on a variety of topics. This also paves the way for more chatbot applications to give legal or financial advice, provide real-time medical assistance, etc.

ChatGPT is capable of earning the MBA degree

In the study, ChatGPT passes the final exam of the school’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. It’s a feat that has surprised experts and sparked much discussion about the potential of artificial intelligence technologies.

Professor Christian Terwiesch, author of the research paper “Would Chat GPT3 Get a Wharton MBA? A Prediction Based on Its Performance in the Operations Management Course”, stated that the robot has scored between B- and B on the exam.

The robot did an “outstanding job at basic questions on operations management and process analysis, including those based on case studies,” Terwiesch writes. He also stated that the robot’s explanations were “excellent”.

This performance is remarkable, as it demonstrates that AI tools are capable of achieving very high levels of accuracy. They can be used to solve complex problems. The fact that GPT-3 is able to pass the MBA final exam shows just how advanced and promising these technologies are.

Could AI replace a graduate?

The Master of Business Administration program (MBA) is the most sought-after and highly regarded degree in the world. for professionals wishing to specialize in business management. It offers students comprehensive training in financial analysis, business strategy, international operations and many other subjects related to business management.

However, with the advent of Open AI’s chatbot, there has been intense debate as to whether this program can or cannot replace an MBA graduate. Indeed, ChatGPT can easily solve all the problems faced by a company without the need for formal training in business administration.

However, despite its impressive capabilities, it is important to note that AI will never totally replace a diploma. Indeed, there is still far too little practical and human experience to deal with the complex challenges faced by business leaders.

In his study, Christian Terwiesch noted that the chatbot “sometimes makes surprising errors in relatively simple calculations at 6th grade math level”. According to him, the current version of ChatGPT is not yet capable of handling more advanced process analysis questions, even when based on fairly standard models. Despite this, the professor said ChatGPT’s performance on the test has important implications for business school teaching.