a developer uses GPT-3 to make a super Siri

Using the power of ChatGPT, this developer has created a super-smart version of Siri that adapts to your needs.

Chatgpt is a cutting-edge technology that enables developers to create smarter, more interactive applications. One developer recently used this technology to create a more enhanced version of Apple’s voice assistant. This new version can understand complex questions and provide personalized answers based on your personal information.

ChatGPT increases Siri’s range of understanding

Developer Mate Marschalko has caused a stir by presenting an AI that combines the power of ChatGPT and the voice of Siri. This new version is able to interact with the user and understand his intentions. This enables it to obtain faster and more precise responses. It also can learn the user’s personal habits and tastes in order to better respond to their requests.

In a video posted on Reddit, Marschalko gives increasingly complex instructions to the AI. In one example, Marschalko says “Yesterday, it took me a while to fall asleep. Do you have any suggestions to help me sleep better?” To this, the assistant responds by suggesting taking a warm bath, reading a book and avoiding caffeine. In another example, the developer can be seen saying: “Notice that I’m recording this video in the dark, in the office. Can you do something about it?” and the assistant hastens to turn on the light.

This technological innovation ushers in a new era for the intelligent voice assistant sector, offering users an even better interactive experience than ever before. With this technological breakthrough, Mate Marschalko has shown that it is possible to improve the quality of existing voice assistants and create a new one that can interact naturally with the user.

Siri: an easier-to-design version with ChatGPT?

Siri is an artificial intelligence application developed by Apple and available on iOS devices. It enables users to ask questions or give voice instructions to quickly find information, send a message, set an alarm and much more.

According to Marschalko, this new version of Siri may be able to designed in less than an hour. He also confirms that almost anyone can merge Siri with GPT-3 with a basic understanding of programming.

“I was able to achieve all this by asking GPT-3 in my prompt to pretend to be my home assistant. The AI listed the items in my house, a few other details about time and location. Then I asked it to respond in a structured data format using Siri as the only shortcut,” he wrote.

Although Marschalko’s explanations seem relevant, resource accessibility isn’t exactly within everyone’s reach. API requests to GPT-3 cost around $0.014 per request. What’s more, Siri is not yet an open source program. This means you need Apple’s approval to legally deploy a tweaked version of the voice assistant.