discover Goldman Sachs’ wild predictions

The market for humanoid robots could soon surpass that of electric vehicles, reaching $154 billion by 2035. At least, that’s what investment giant Goldman Sachs predicts, following the presentation of the Tesla Optimus robot…

Will we have soon all have a robot at home? That’s what a Goldman Sachs report predicts, according to which the market for humanoid robots could reach $154 billion in value in less than 15 years.

By way of comparison, this sum represents more than the market for electric vehicles. As Elon Musk has predicted, the domestic robot industry could surpass the automotive industry…

Towards global success for Tesla Optimus?

In fact, Goldman Sachs refers to the presentation of the Tesla Optimus robot in its report: “ the launch of Tesla’s prototype humanoid robot, the Optimus, has once again sparked debate about the financial opportunities of such an innovation. The investment potential for humanoid robots is measurable – we estimate that in 10 to 15 years’ time a market size of at least $6 billion is achievable “.

The first Optimus robot prototype was unveiled at Tesla AI Day 2 on September 30, 2022. It is designed to replace humans on the most dangerous tasks or onerous tasks.

This humanoid robot is equipped with same chips and sensors as Tesla’s autonomous vehicles. It also carries cameras equipped with Autopilot, used by Tesla vehicles to drive without a driver.

The machine measures around 1.50 meters and features a screen for displaying relevant information. It weighs 56 kilos and can lift 68 kilos or carry a load of 20 kilos.

For the time being, Elon Musk plans to use thousands of humanoid robots. in Tesla factories. He then plans to expand his fleet to several million robots worldwide.

Robotics to fill the labor shortage

Still according to the investment giant, this industry could help fill 4% of the employee shortage and 2% of global demand for personal assistance by 2035.

Next page the most optimistic scenarioGoldman Sachs predicts an even more buoyant market. According to the report, ” if the challenges of product design, use cases, technology, affordability and general public acceptance are met, we foresee a market going from up to 152 billion dollars by 2035 “.

This would represent the equivalent of the world market for electric vehicles and a third of the global smartphone market. Robotics could be the answer to the shortage of workers and personal assistance.

According to a recent report from Market and Markets, the market for humanoid robots is estimated at 1.5 billion in 2022 and could reach $17.3 billion by 2027.

These predictions are less ambitious than those of Goldman Sachs, but converge in the direction of explosive growth. This boom in robotics is mainly due to the emergence of robots with advanced functionalities. in the retail and medical industries.

For the time being, however, market development is being held back by the high cost of research and development in the robotics sector. As technology advances and engineering is simplified, this field will evolve exponentially…