YouTube declares war on AI-created videos: can it win?

Content creators who use AI will soon be penalized by YouTube. Could this be the start of a long battle on the Internet? In any case, the Google branch has just reinforced its position.

The video giant, YouTube, has just announced a new measure on its platform. The site is planning penalties for content based on artificial intelligence. The videos concerned will be deleted if they fail to comply with this rule. YouTube will then search the AI-generated content on its site. And it has adopted effective strategies to achieve its goal.

An application of the rules unveiled by Google

Google, the parent company of YouTube, has just modified their management strategy. last September. Content creators must now display a warning label on AI-generated videos and ads.

YouTube will then apply this measure to AI from 2024.. And creators who fail to comply risk serious penalties. Visit content will first be removed. In addition, the creator in question will be banned from the platform in certain cases. And as always, these sanctions also apply to the monetization system YouTube’s monetization system.

The fight against misinformation begins

“Generative AI has the potential to unleash creativity on YouTube and transform the experience of viewers and creators on our platform.” Emily Moxley and Jennifer Flannery O’Connor, Vice Presidents of Product Management, YouTube.

Company executives weigh in on the danger of AI on YouTube. From now on, video designers must include information about the tools they use to create content. And this rule is of particular interest to artificial intelligence.

And this strategy is highly effective in combating misinformation. Recently, videos posted on YouTube were generated by AI. The internet world has been turned upside down by this. These are deepfake contentwhich imitate a celebrity’s face, voice and body language. Hackers use this technique to manipulate public opinion.

“This is particularly important in cases where content addresses sensitive topics, such as elections, ongoing conflicts and public health crises, or public officials.” Emily Moxley and Jennifer Flannery O’Connor, VPs of Product Management, YouTube.

Well-honed strategies to combat unwanted content

AI to analyze content on YouTube. It will then notify the creator, as well as those responsible for the site, in the event of a breach of the rules. The video giant will sanction the person responsible.

Elsewherevictims can lodge a complaint if their confidentiality is breached. This situation mainly concerns deepfake content. In future updates, YouTube will make it easier to request the removal of such content.

Finally, musicians, production companies and other industry professionals can also react if their works are used on the site.

With these strategies, YouTube could better control AI-generated content. But we’re still waiting to see how the situation will evolve once these new measures are in place.