Watsonx Code Assistant features

The Watsonx Code Assistant was unveiled on November 9, 2023. As its name suggests, it is an engine assistant powered by generative AI. It helps developers code faster. To do this, it uses natural language queries or prompts.

New era of Generative AI

The IBM France laboratory had the pleasure of participating in the realization of these new offerings, crossing the technology sky like a meteorite. The contribution was precise and focused on the “Understand” and “Refactor” components. The Machine’s ambition is to give visibility to our application landscape and develop services in Cobol. The “Generate” and “Translate” modules of our assistant also received special attention.

November 09, 2023 – IBM (NYSE: IBM) is making its debut by introducing Watsonx Code Assistant, a generative AI tool that gives enterprise developers and IT maestros a helping hand to code faster and more accurately through natural language queries. The advantage? IT automation with Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, capable of handling tasks such as network configuration and code deployment. And the icing on the cake is the modernization of mainframe applications with Code Assistant for Z, which makes translations from COBOL to Java on the IBM Z child’s play!

This short video gives us a taste of this feat:

Watsonx Code Assistant focuses on IT automation

Tomorrow, with IT automation from IBM Watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, be the first to discover a new horizon where automation is at your fingertips. Hit the bull’s-eye every time with automatically generated task recommendations for Ansible Playbooks. How about embracing more resilient, easier-to-manage automation, with no training required?

Watsonx Code Assistant makes a feat of IT automation. This includes infrastructure management, hybrid cloud deployment, network configuration, application deployment.

With this solution, specialists can now formulate queries to automatically generate recommendations.

Application modernization

The Watsonx Code Assistant aims to speed up the translation of Cobol into Java. This will boost developer productivity. The modernization process begins with the application discovery. Next, it supports the rautomated efactorisation. Finally, it transforms Cobol business services into object-oriented Java.

Let’s move on to the numbers – they’re confusing:

Around 4,000 developers joined the party for the technical preview. A mind-blowing overall average acceptance rate of 85% for AI-generated content recommendations (from July 27 to October 23, 2023, based on over 41,000 recommendations). And even better, an improvement in productivity of between 20% and 45%! So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, applaud and explore the fantastic possibilities offered by IBM’s watsonx Code Assistant!

Press release from IBM