the mini AI projector that will replace smartphones?

Humane is set to shake up the mobile industry with AI Pin: the first screenless smartphone with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. Find out all you need to know about this product that could well usher in a new era!

Since the first smartphones launched in 2007, mobile telephony has come a long way. With a single device, we now have a computer, a camera, a video game console and a voice assistant in our pocket.

We use our phones more than our PCs to surf the web, and no one can imagine going out without their laptop. And yet, the era of the smartphone is coming to an end.

After more than a year of teasing, Humane is finally ready to unveil its first product: AI Pin. The device will be officially launched this Thursday, November 9, 2023, but The Verge magazine has already obtained documents revealing all its secrets!

The smartphone that replaces the screen with a projector

Potentially revolutionary, AI Pin will be the first smartphone without a screen. In fact, it is a small, square-shaped device, which can be clips magnetically to your clothes or other surfaces.

Interaction is mainly through voice commands, as in the case of virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexabut that’s not all. A laser projector displays information directly on your hand!

You can even present objects to the camera and interact with Pin using gesture commands. A touchpad is present on the device.

Removable battery and Snapdragon processor

This little magnetic clip also includes a removable battery. So you can replace the battery throughout the day and continue to use it without recharging.

The autonomy of each battery has not been revealed, but two “battery boosters” are supplied with the product. The processor includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip like on most Android smartphones.

To track and record its environment, Pin uses a camera and motion sensors and depth sensors. A speaker is integrated, but it is also possible to connect it to Bluetooth headphones or earphones.

A new threat to privacy?

Rest assured: the microphone won’t be constantly listening in. Nor will you have nor will you need a “wake-up call”. like “Ok Google”. Simply press the touchpad to activate the microphone.

A “Trust Light flashes for as long as the Pin is recording. This ensures that it is not eavesdropping on you.

The ambition to replace the smartphone

With AI Pin, Humane has no intention of offering a simple gadget to enhance your smartphone. The product is presented as a truly independent device.

The price of $699 corresponds of a mid-range smartphone. It’s certainly high, but less so than other innovations such as Samsung’s folding smartphones, which cost in excess of 1,000 euros.

However, those interested will also have to pay 24 per month for a subscription Humane Subscription. This offer includes a phone number and mobile data on the firm’s wireless service, based on the T-Mobile network. It also includes cloud storage for photos and videos.

Cosmos, a new mobile OS based on GPT-4 AI?

Resolutely in step with the times, AI Pin also includes a unlimited access to artificial intelligence models such as ChatGPT. It is said to directly embed GPT-4, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Sound operating system is called Cosmos. Unlike Android or iOS, it does not function as a set of applications.

Instead, Humane has imagined a fluid system where AIs and other tools can be called up at any time you need them. Not unlike ChatGPT plug-ins.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Pin can write messages that appear to be written by you. One feature even allows you to summarize the contents of your mailbox.

The device can also translate languages and identify food to provide you with nutritional information. The music streaming service Tidalwith an AI DJ able to choose songs based on your current context.

Features based on will also be available for photographybut details have yet to be released. Suffice it to say that AI is at the heart of this innovative product! presented by Humane on November 9, 2023.

It will retail for $699, with a monthly subscription fee of $24. On whether a launch is planned in France. Are you tempted by this screenless smartphone?