The author let ChatGPT write the next chapter

One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda has experimented with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write the next chapter in the series. Using ChatGPT, an AI chatbot software, the author has managed to achieve a “particularly entertaining” story for his fans.

The use of AI in animation has dramatically transformed the sector, opening up new possibilities for creators. ChatGPT is an example ofusing AI for character designdialogues and scenarios. This technology created by OpenAI can help stimulate artists’ creativity. And it does so by offering them new perspectives and new ways of thinking.

The next One Piece could be written by an AI

The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Odahas once again proved its interest in experimenting with new technologies in art. This time, he asked an artificial intelligence chatbot software, ChatGPT, to write the next chapter of the famous manga. Sharing the conversation on Twitter, Oda asked ChatGPT to create a “particularly entertaining” story for readers. The AI proposed two different storiesbut the first was deemed boring by Oda.

The second, however, won the creator’s heart and tells the story of a new character. He is, in fact, an extraterrestrial infiltrated among the Straw Hat Pirates. Helped by the crew, he must defeat an evil witch and restore his destroyed planet. This initiative is further proof that emerging technologies can stimulate artists’ creativity and bring new perspectives to the art world. Oda is a visionary who uses AI to explore new horizons. In fact, he demonstrates this in his art, which attempts to push back the boundaries of imagination. Fans can’t wait to discover the next chapter of One Piece. It remains to be seen what the future holds for this collaboration between man and machine.

Impact of AIs like ChatGPT in the world of animation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dramatically transformed many sectors, and animation is no exception. ChatGPT has made a big impact in the world of animation, helping creators to design characters, dialogues and scenarios. AI can also help overcome technical obstaclessuch as generating more fluid and natural character movements. Animation studios have already begun to integrateAI into their creative processwith promising results.

ChatGPT uses machine-learning algorithms to generate responses using pre-existing training data. However, some are questioning the ethical implications of using AI in animation. As the creativity of artists is called into question, the loss of work for scriptwriters and authors is also at the heart of discussions.

In addition, AI such as ChatGPT can open up new possibilities for animation creators, enabling the content creation more quickly and efficiently. Such is the case of the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. Nevertheless, technology can also help stimulate artists’ creativity. It offers them new perspectives and new ways of thinking.