Serverless AI revolutionizes data analysis on Microsoft Fabric

Teradata echoes the announcement of its latest innovation. Teradata AI Unlimited is an on-demand serverless analytics solution for Microsoft Fabric. This breakthrough marks a strategic and integral fusion of Teradata’s high-performance computing capabilities and its ClearScape Analytics offering..

Major innovation: let’s talk about Teradata AI Unlimited

November 16, 2023, Paris, France: the heart of the news is Teradata’s new revolution, with the presentation of Teradata AI Unlimited, its flagship product. serverless artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the cloud. Making its debut at Microsoft Ignite, this innovation is perfectly aligned with Microsoft Fabric and OneLake, Microsoft Fabric’s unified, multi-cloud data lake. This technological masterpiece gives data scientists and developers greater autonomy to explore next-generation use cases, exploiting data comprehensively. As a result, Teradata AI Unlimited optimizes the following platforms conventional data platformsand its design aims to make AI deployment faster, easier and cheaper.

Strategic merger with Microsoft Fabric

The sensitive merger of Teradata AI Unlimited with Microsoft Fabric ensures that data is exploited to its full potential, providing unlimited access to masses of data and an inexhaustible opportunity for exploration, creation and experimentation.

Teradata AI Unlimited
Serverless artificial intelligence
Microsoft Fabric

AI Unlimited complements the Teradata VantageCloud system, a key enterprise resource impeccably managed by IT departments. This evolution extends access to governed data and to ClearScape Analytics for the development of novel innovation schemes, with a free experimentation approach, leaving aside concerns about cost overruns.

Teradata’s vision is rooted in the future, with an ambition for an open, interconnected ecosystem to provide the right tools for design. Once a prototype is ready, an easy transition to the VantageCloud production environment is possible, a unique advantage that truly paves the way for AI optimization.

Teradata AI Unlimited in the context of Microsoft Fabric

Teradata AI Unlimited is distinguished by its benchmark functionality for data analysis in an autonomous environment with Microsoft Fabric. This approach is native to the Microsoft ecosystem. Users can deploy best-of-breed analytics systems from both vendors in record time, while accessing all shared storage on OneLake. This innovation aims to eliminate the need for costly data transfers and tedious data infrastructure management.

Teradata AI Unlimited
Serverless artificial intelligence
Microsoft Fabric

“Teradata AI Unlimited enhances Microsoft Fabric with an AI/ML engine for comprehensive data analysis that we are making available on our platform,” confides Arun Ulagaratchagan, vice president of Azure Data at Microsoft. “Together, we are helping our customers achieve a high-end requirements framework for data analysis and achieve more relevant results through the creative use of AI.”

The benefits of Teradata AI Unlimited

With native integration with Microsoft Fabric, Teradata AI Unlimited offers a framework for exploring, experimenting and operationalizing AI projects with scale at discretion, benefiting from a seamlessly and securely integrated ecosystem.

A flexible and robust capability for AI use cases

Teradata eclipses with a parallel data processing innovation, giving users the ability to create and run models, as well as deploy them on a large scale. Users can access OneLake, Microsoft’s Open Table Format (OTF) service. AI Unlimited also supports open file formats such as Parquet or CSVand can be accessed via Jupyter Notebook, Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Microsoft Excel.

Teradata AI Unlimited
Serverless artificial intelligence
Microsoft Fabric

Data scientists and developers can take advantage of native integration with Python to use analytic functions, run code or import data. Python models directly into Teradata AI Unlimitedtheir concept of choice. Teradata AI Unlimited offers users exemplary flexibility in the application of all models trained via the many Machine Learning (ML) services offered by Azure. All this under dynamic, large-scale management, encouraging innovation.

Serverless AI in the context of Microsoft Fabric

Deployed in the blink of an eye and ready for immediate use, Teradata AI Unlimited provides users with a seamlessly integrated serverless environment that can be exploited in the context of Microsoft Fabric. It enables them to explore data where it resides, in this case in Microsoft OneLake. As a result, they can avoid costly and complex infrastructure management, as well as time-consuming service integrations and data transfers. What’s more, they’re free to experiment without hindering the mission-critical production environment.

Availability of Teradata AI Unlimited

In addition, it has the ability to flexibly transit and implement a prototype in a VantageCloud production environment, if required. In this way, Teradata AI Unlimited gives users the luxury of focusing on creating value, through the exploitation of big data for their business, rather than wasting time on infrastructure management.

Teradata AI Unlimited is already available as a preview in the Azure marketplace for selected customers. You’ll also find the AI engine in Microsoft Fabric from Q2 2024.

Press release dated November 17, 2023