Samsung unveils Gauss, its own ChatGPT

At the Samsung AI Forum 2023 event, the company created quite a stir by unveiling its own generative AI model, dubbed Samsung Gauss. This major breakthrough took place at the company’s R&D campus, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, in Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung unveils Gauss, its latest creation, on Korean soil, honoring mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. The new generative AI model promises to embrace the Gaussian legacy and propel AI and ML to new heights.

The rise of Samsung Gauss: a giant leap forward in AI

Samsung unveils Gauss, a revolutionary artificial intelligence model, at a major event, Samsung AI Forum. This in-house development is inspired by the innovative spirit of Carl Friedrich Gauss, famous for his mathematical contributions. Samsung presents Gauss not only as a technological breakthrough, but also as an ode to history and knowledge.

This new technology stands as a major creation of Samsung Researchrepresenting the company’s ambition to make its mark in the generative AI sector. Samsung currently exhibits Gauss as an internal tool. The company plans to incorporate it into its consumer products. Future functionalities, inspired by Samsung Gauss, should enhance the Galaxy S24 series, scheduled for 2024.

Samsung Gauss language: human language reinvented by AI

At the heart of the range, Samsung unveils Gauss Language. This facet of Samsung’s AI model focuses on deciphering and interacting with human language. It promises to radically transform productivity, facilitating tasks such as writing e-mails or translating. The company reveals Gauss Language, highlighting its ability to integrate with cloud infrastructures. It also adapts perfectly to personal devices.

Gauss code and image: innovation and data protection

With the Gauss Code model, the company unveils an AI designed for developerspromising to accelerate and simplify software development. At the same time, it unveils Gauss Image, a solution for transform and generate visuals with disconcerting easeechoing the famous Dall-E, but with a concern for confidentiality.

Samsung unveils Gauss, with a focus on data security, a growing concern for users. The model promises to run on the device, minimizing the risks associated with protecting private data. In addition, the Samsung’s AI Red Team ensures that this new technology remains true to the ethical principles of AI throughout its lifecycle.