Nvidia launches AI foudations for cloud services

Nvidia offers AI Foundations, a revolutionary AI training cloud service for enterprises. This solution offers blank models and the possibility of customizing one’s own databases.

Semiconductor giant Nvidia recently unveiled the launch of its new “AI Foundations” cloud service” . This allows companies to customize a blank model using their own information. These cloud services will available on Nvidia’s DGX Cloud platformand customers will be able to use them from an online portal. With this new service, Nvidia is committed to democratizing the use of AI for businesses of all sizes. By harnessing these resources appropriately, the company could maximize its profits and improve its competitive edge in the market.

NVIDIA launches AI Foundations to build customized AI models in the cloud

A recent initiative from NVIDIA, which is named AI Foundations, offers a new range of cloud services to enterprises. This enables companies that lack the time or resources to create their own AI models to build. The service allows them to refine and deploy industry-specific generative AI models based on their own facts. Models offered include NeMo.

BioNemo is a variant of the NeMo model, specifically designed for medical research. Picasso is an AI that is capable of generating 3D applications to enhance multimedia productivity. Currently, only a select few users have access to both versions of NeMo and Picasso.

Cloud services offer basic models into which companies can import their own data sets. NVIDIA’s AIs will make it easier for companies to customize a similar language model with their own information. NVIDIA’s DGX Cloud platform serves as the basis for these services and will be usable from an online portal.

NVIDIA expands its cloud footprint with Shutterstock and Adobe

NVIDIA has unveiled a similar partnership with Shutterstock, with the aim of using Picasso to create 3D objects. This agreement reinforces their action plan aimed at leveraging Shutterstock’s enormous metadata resources to offer new products and services. NVIDIA has collaborated with Adobe to optimize visibility in the generative training stages of the AI in question.

AI suggestions include a “do not train” register, similar to robot.txt compatible for photos and multimedia content. Secondly, complex tags are also proposed to improve the quality of AI results. NVIDIA and Adobe have announced their intention to integrate the functionalities of Picasso, NVIDIA’s AI capable of generating images, videos and 3D applications, into Adobe’s editing software.

These services will be gradually rolled out for Shutterstock customers over the coming months.. This will be achieved through integration into Shutterstock’s Creative Flow toolbox. They will also be accessible directly on Turbosquid. The latter is a hosting platform for 3D models, based on Nvidia’s Omniverse collaborative design environment.