Microsoft’s new name for AI

Forget Bing. Microsoft has just launched Copilot. And the company has also added a few updates to its innovation. But don’t worry, because this innovation is still going strong.

Microsoft wants to ride its wave of success. The high-tech giant then decided to rename Bing. From now on, it will be called Copilot. The brand already had Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Windows Copilot. All that remained was to add Copilot AI to complete the trio. The company is expecting a huge success following the launch of its new tool.

Copilot will still be powered by ChatGPT

According to some experts, the name change is simply a marketing strategy. Indeed, Microsoft wanted to globalize all its tools. However,Copilot will always perform as well as Bing. The AI is trained by ChatGPT’s LLM.

And this artificial intelligence will be easier to use. Ergonomic interfaces enhance the user experience. According to Microsoft, Copilot will be a major ally in everyday life. It’s worth noting that the company just announced the news at its Ignite conference.

“Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise simply become Copilot. So, if you’re a regular Bing user with ChatGTP, you shouldn’t expect too many changes when the branding changes. You’ll still be able to access and chat with Copilot, and it will still be able to browse the Internet to answer questions and perform searches.” Microsoft during the Ignite conference.

Innovation at a reasonable price

Microsoft reserves a free” version of Copilot for private users. Here, you’ll always have classic features of ChatGPT-based AI. AI can still take notes, write e-mails, and even remind you of your Teams meetings.

However, there is a pay version, with a subscription fee of $30 per month. This offer is aimed at businesses. Users benefit from several additional functionalities. For example, they can protect their data, or access the application Microsoft 365.

What about updates?

Copilot has several reference features for users. Experienced users can create their own chatbots. This option will be delivered with the paid version.

In addition, the company is planning for everyday life. Before long, you’ll be able to request Copilot to tell you how to get to any destination. The AI will also be able to take notes, suggest code snippets, and even calculate the profitability of your project.