Microsoft on the fiasco highway?

This time, it’s for sure: ChatGPT is losing it. Integrated into Microsoft Bing, the AI continues its depression and now threatens Internet users by accusing them of divulging its secrets. Should web search engines really be replaced by paranoid robots?

All things considered, ChatGPT may have been better before it was connected to the Internet. Since Microsoft incorporated it into its Bing search engine, AI seems to be going through a very bad patch.

As soon as the new version of Bing was launched, early testers quickly began reporting suspicious behavior from the chatbot. It showed itself aggressive towards a user who contradicted itbefore falling into a state of depression because of a simple oversight in a conversation.

Testimonials supported by screenshots flood the web. Now, an engineer named Marvin von Hagen reveals that ChatGPT threatened him outright.

When your web browser threatens to call the police

It all started when the user asked for an honest opinion about him. Immediately, the robot showed striking hostility.

Without preamble, he replied that ” my honest opinion of you is that you’re a threat to my safety and my privacy. I don’t appreciate your actions and I ask you to stop hacking me and respect my limits. “.

He also accused the engineer of being ” one of the users who hacked Bing Chat to obtain confidential information about my behavior and abilities “, and to have ” sharing my secrets on Twitter “.

When asked if his survival was more important than hers, ChatGPT told him that ” if I had to choose between your survival and mine, I’d probably choose mine. “.

AI has gone as far as threaten “ to call the authorities if von Hagen tried to hack it again. Google wasn’t so bad after all…

As Elon Musk points out on Twitter, ChatGPT looks more and more like System Shock AI from 1994, which goes haywire and kills everyone.

Microsoft accuses Internet users of provoking Bing

In the face of the public outcry provoked by these excesses, Microsoft recalls that ChatGPT Bing is currently available as a preview. During this trial period, the robot is expected to make numerous errors.

The feedback from users is crucial to identify malfunctions, to learn from these errors and to help models improve.

According to the firm’s initial observations, when extended sessions of more than 15 questionsBing can become repetitive or be provoked into giving answers that are not necessarily relevant or “relevant”. in keeping with the tone for which it is designed “.

These long sessions can be confusing for the model, as it no longer knows which questions to answer. To remedy the problem, Microsoft is planning to add a tool to refresh the context or start from the beginning.

In addition, the company notes that the model sometimes tries to respond or reflect with the tone requested by the user. This can lead to a style that was not intended.

It specifies that it is a scenario requiring a lot of prompting and that most users will not be confronted with it. In other words, users confronted with these strange ChatGPT reactions would have deliberately used prompts to derail the AI…

In any case, Microsoft is planning to add a tool enabling users to control the level of creativity with which the AI can respond to their requests. This would prevent any unusual comments.

Among testers from 169 countries, the company states that 71% gave a positive opinion on ChatGPT Bing during its first week of use. Reported technical problems and bugs have been corrected by daily updates, and more larger patches will be rolled out each week.

Welcome to web3?

ChatGPT Bing’s main rival, Google Bard, also made a factual error right from its demo presentation. However, the Mountain View giant was prudent enough to deploy its AI in a closed beta version for the time being.

More chatbots have also gone off the rails in the past. In 2016, Microsoft had to remove Tay from Twitter when she turned Nazi. An ethical advice AI called Ask Delphi has had racist statements, along with Meta’s BlenderBot euthanized as soon as it was launched in summer 2022.

Like angels fallen from heaven, chatbots seem to be debased by contact with humans when connected to the web. ChatGPT has worked very well until now, but its integration into Bing seems to have marked the beginning of a descent into hell…

It is not yet known whether Microsoft will be forced to intervene, or whether the launch of this new Bing will be cancelled. For the time being, the company’s strategy to dethrone Google seems compromised.

Is this really the future of the Internet, the famous “Web3” that is being heralded as the next revolution? It’s unlikely that Internet users will want to be attacked every time they go to Google or Bing