Long a laggard, Google Bard surpasses ChatGPT

Google Bard may now be ahead of ChatGPT in the AI tug-of-war. The high-tech giant has perfected its tool. The aim is simple: to become a benchmark in the field of artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT has always been at the forefront of the AI race. This tool has many features that are useful in everyday life. However, Google Bard may soon overtake it. Indeed, the company has corrected the shortcomings of its tool. Bard then became a powerful AI, with options for all users. So, Google wants its share of the market too.

Reliable, contemporary answers

Reliable answers are a major obstacle for all AIs. But Google Bard has corrected this drawback. Since the latest updatesthe tool is now able to give its sources. In addition, AI can also communicate URLs redirecting to corresponding articles to his answers. This feature is a godsend for all users.

Google Bard can also be used to browse the Internet. You’ll benefit from real-time response, with up-to-the-minute information. This function enables examine discussions on various platforms such as Reddit. Here, you can quickly retrieve data without having to use Google’s search engine. This puts Bard directly ahead of ChatGPT. Please note that the free versions of ChatGPT do not have Internet access.

A boon for developers

Google Bard makes programming easier. With precise prompts, the AI can program with the Python language. Before long, it could be based on other computer languages. It is capable of data analysis and graphical representation.

In addition, Bard has an extraordinary ability to understand bugs. Logically, AI can correct them more accurately. This feature is a great ally in assisting you with your programming tasks.

Bard is also an AI for junior developers. It is capable of explaining even the most complex lines of code.. In all, AI supports more than 19 computer languages.

Bard can access Docs and Gmail

And finally, a handy feature for professionals. Google’s AI, Bard, integrates with Gmail. It can analyze your e-mails to extract precise data. All this, of course, is based on a textual query. Bard can also assist you with writing your e-mails. You can then use it to correct your e-mails. The AI is able to reformulate them if necessary.

AI can also focus on your Docs files. Here, it can search for specific information, check comments and make corrections.

Of course, ChatGPT does have these features. However, you need to install additional modules and plug-ins to benefit from them. And these are tasks for professionals. Google Bard has rectified these drawbacks. AI integrates easily with Gmail and Docs. And these features are all free.