How to make money with ChatGPT? Guide to the best business ideas

There are many ways to make money with ChatGPT, provided you know how to use it wisely. Discover a selection of AI-based business ideas in various fields…

Since its launch at the end of 2022, ChatGPT has been making headlines. And with good reason: this chatbot based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI is capable of answering any question, generating any type of textual content and automate numerous tasks.

The icing on the cake: this tool is currently available free of charge on the web, although a paid “Plus” version is already in the pipeline. So let’s get down to business without wasting a second: is it possible to use ChatGPT to make money?

Visit answer is a big yes. For example, a young hacker recently managed to discover a $40,000 bug in software thanks to this AI. A children’s writer managed to publish a story written and illustrated by the chatbot.

Real estate agents use it to automate their work, as do traders. Many people can easily make money using it.

Through this file, discover several business ideas to generate income with ChatGPT. Keep in mind, however, that these are just a few ideas to get you started on your own.

From many influencers have started to sell their wares, promising their audiences effortless riches by using this chatbot. However, most of this content exaggerates to attract attention.

There is currently no magic formula to become a millionaire with AI, but it can save precious time and extend the field of possibilities…

Create an automatic trading algorithm

Many traders have already adopted ChatGPT to create automation algorithmsBoth for the traditional market and for cryptos. Whereas it used to be necessary to master Python to create such a program, AI enables anyone to do the same.

All you need enter the parameters and objectives of your trading strategy, and the chatbot can generate scripts based on these inputs. This enables automate the execution of buys and sells according to defined signals and conditions.

Once you’ve created your tool, you can use it on a trading platform that allows automation. Among the best are IBKR and Thinkorswim. You’ll find plenty of tutorials on YouTube and around the web, but let us know in the comments if you’d like a full feature on the subject!

Writing book scripts

Several writers are already using AI to generate books. In December 2022, for example, a Californian designer named Ammaa Reshi used ChatGPT to write a children’s book entitled ” Alice and Sparkle “and illustrated it with MidJourney.

He then posted his book online at Amazon Kindle digital versionand had it published in print with another Amazon service called KDP.

At 72 hours, the book was written, illustrated and published in digital and paper format. He had time to sell 841 copies, before Amazon decided to temporarily suspend sales.

There’s nothing to stop you creating an illustrated book or comic strip. These practices are controversial, however, as they risk endangering professional illustrators. Moreover, the quality of the story and the drawings may leave much to be desired.

Without going that far, you can also ask ChatGPT to suggest titles and scenario ideasdialogues or structural plans to complete or enrich your fictions.

Publish professional white papers and e-books

It’s easy to generate tutorials and instruction guidesor texts on technical subjects with ChatGPT. By finding a relevant topic, you can create ebooks and white papers to sell them on Amazon or other platforms.

You can also use other tools for adding infographicsand automate layout and illustrations. Combining AI is still the best way to generate revenue with this technology.

Using a tool like MurfAI, you can also automatically generate audio versions of your books. This will enable you to sell them on platforms like ACX or Findaway Voices and other audiobook marketplaces.

Creating YouTube videos

One of ChatGPT’s talents is to compile information in script form video for YouTube or other platforms. You can ask him to write a script based on information you provide, or to create a script directly on a topic.

You can then use these scripts to create your own videos. You can also sell scripts to YouTubers.

By combining several tools such as ChatGPT, Pictory and MurfAI, you can easily create and publish complete videos on YouTube to earn revenue from ads.

Creating video training courses

The tool Synthesia allows you to create a video by letting a digitized actor dictate your text. Combined with ChatGPT, you can quickly create video training courses on any subject.

You can then sell these training courses on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera or EDX. Of course, only quality content that meets a strong demand will be successful.

Bug hunting or Bug Bounty

By letting ChatGPT analyze the computer code of various software programs, a hacker was able to detect bugs in the code.. The AI showed him the role of the code, how it works, but also the flaws it contains and the associated risks.

Using this method, he succeeded in “rediscover” a Facebook flaw already identified by hacker Youssef Samada. This flaw allows users to take control of any Facebook account as soon as they click on a specific link. When this bug was discovered, the American company had paid a $42,000 reward.

So it’s perfectly possible to search for bugs in applications and websites, even if you have no programming expertise. All you need to do is ask ChatGPT to inspect the code for you. If you discover any flaws, you may be compensated as part of the corporate Bug Bounty programs.

Creating websites for businesses

There are many platforms for create a website very easily like Wix or WordPress. Now you can also use ChatGPT to automate the creation of text content for such websites.

So you can offer website creation services for restaurants, lawyers or accounting firms. Simply describe the type of business to the AI. It can even help you code specific functionality!

Producing content for social networks

A network presence has become imperative for companies, but it can quickly become restrictive. Thanks to AI, you no longer need to spend time optimizing your content for these platforms.

The Community Manager’s job has become essential for most brands, to manage their image and customer relations via social networks.

For content to be successful on social networks, it is necessary to respect specific codes. ChatGPT can help you adopt this format.

However, there’s nothing to stop you leaving ChatGPT generate attractive content for different social platforms. You can save time and manage multiple communities.

The chatbot can adopt the right tone of voice to capture users’ attention as they scroll through their activity feeds. It can therefore provide invaluable assistance in managing your accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Answering questions on Quora and other platforms

Some websites offer payment for answering questions, like Quora and other tutoring sites such as StudyPool. For many questions, ChatGPT can answer for you.

At least, AI can complement your expertise or your personal knowledge, or help you formulate your answer. However, it is important to check the relevance of the content…

On the Quora France, you can’t get paid for answering questions. On the other hand, your active participation can earn you spot for the affiliate program. You can then get paid for asking questions, in proportion to the audience they attract. On the English version of the platformIt’s possible to get paid for your answers.

ChatGPT for coding

The computer coding is not accessible to just anyone. Many people are put off by the syntax of programming languages, and this prevents them from bringing their ideas for applications or tools to life. It is usually necessary to call in a developer.

However, for the simplest projectsit is perfectly possible to use ChatGPT. This saves time and money.

By asking the AI, you can, for example code an interest rate calculation tool. You can specify the desired programming language, depending on the use case.

You can then copy the code and use it. As a prompt, simply ask ChatGPT to help you code a tool, specifying the task to be accomplished.

Invent names and slogans for companies

Some companies are willing to pay a lot of money find the perfect name or logo. With ChatGPT, you can easily find original names and sell them on a platform like NamingForce.

If you set up your own business or product, consider using AI to help you come up with a name or other ideas. It can often come up with ideas you might not have thought of.

Provide translation services

With Google Translate, the translation profession was already in jeopardy. Now, ChatGPT is able to translate any text into a multitude of languages and even change the tone or rearrange the words.

For the time being, however, many companies have not yet aware of the existence of this tool. It is therefore possible to offer your translation services on a freelance platform such as Fiverr or Guru. It’s a very simple way of generating income while waiting for everyone to be able to exploit AI….

All you need to do is copy/paste a text onto the dialog box dialog box, and ask it to translate it into the language of your choice. Of course, it’s best to check the result with a second tool.

Building a chatbot based on the ChatGPT API

Many software programs allow you to create chatbots from a knowledge base. There’s nothing to stop you from using ChatGPT to produce a knowledge base on the theme of your choice, then create a chatbot based on it.

You can then sell this chatbot to other companies. It is also possible to create your own paid virtual assistant or customer service service. For example, you can create a virtual assistant or an AI sports coach and market it as a mobile application.

Writing real estate or Airbnb ads

The real estate agents already use ChatGPT. This tool allows them to easily create property descriptions in just a few seconds, by typing a few keywords.

It is also used for publications on social networksor drafting legal documents. The repetitive tasks associated with this profession, such as answering frequently asked questions or calculations can also be automated.

If you’re looking to launch a career as a real estate agent, ChatGPT can save you valuable time, boosting your productivity and your bottom line. You can also use it to create an AirBnB concierge service in your city !

ChatGPT for SEO copywriting

Publishing SEO content on the web can be a source of income, but it’s not always easy to come up with ideas. With ChatGPT, you can easily generate lists of ideas on any topic.

Blog owners can use this tool to create more content, increase traffic and thus increase their revenue from advertising or product sales.

In addition to providing general ideas for articles on a subject, AI can also deepen its own ideas to generate more and more. It’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

In the same way, AI can suggest ideas for sub-sections to add to a file to complete it. This makes it possible to write extremely complete dossiers, and to rank among the top results on search engines like Google.

ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas for your blog, or those of your customers if you’re a freelancer or work for an agency.

A good example of prompt is: “ I’m looking for ideas for a blog post on such and such a topic, can you help me? “. The chatbot can provide you with a list of ideas in just a few moments.

Create titles for your articles

In the field of SEO, the title of an article is important. ChatGPT can help you find more attractive titles for your articles. All you have to do is ask it to rewrite a title, specifying the desired style.

This approach can help you improve your titles. You can also provide this service to your clients, if you’re a freelancer or marketing agency.

Example of prompt : ” I wrote an article with this title, can you suggest an alternative that would be more attention-grabbing? “. All you have to do is trust the chatbot’s data-driven talent.

Writing articles

This AI is not only capable of generating article ideas or titles: it can also automatically write a first draft.

Once you’ve chosen an article idea from the list provided, you can ask ChatGPT to write the content or build an outline. It will probably be necessary to refine the text, but this first draft saves precious time.

At as a promptyou can use ” I’m planning to write a blog post on such and such a topic, can you help me create an outline listing the main points I need to cover? “.

Update existing content

Over the years have changed on the web. Some old content is now obsolete, both in content and form.

With ChatGPT, you can automatically rewrite sectionsor even create FAQ’s for existing blog posts.

This AI tool enables you to simplify updates and SEO improvements. Freelancers can also offer this service to other companies for their blogs or websites.

It should be pointed out, however, that tools capable of detecting whether content is written by ChatGPT. So be sure to test your texts before publishing them.

Writing sales copy

With ChatGPT, you can easily transform purely informative text like a Wikipedia page into a convincing and inspiring text.

This is ideal for marketing or sales. You can use these reworked texts for a blog or email. As a freelancer, you can offer this service. A prompt example : “ I need to write an advertising text to promote a certain product. Can you help me? “.

Ask ChatGPT for money-making ideas

You’ve come to this page to discover ideas for making money using ChatGPT. However, you can also ask ChatGPT to give you ideas on how to earn money.

Already today, the chatbot can give you many ideas for making money easily on the web or start a lucrative business. For the moment, however, this is only an offline version.

When this AI is connected, it will be able to consult the Internet for answers. As soon as someone has a good business idea, ChatGPT will be able to suggest it to you…

Become a ChatGPT expert or consultant and offer your services

ChatGPT offers incredible possibilities, but it you still need to know how to use it correctly. If you have a particular talent for writing promptsyou can sell your services.

You can also share your expertise by creating training courses dedicated to ChatGPT. If your teaching is really useful, you’ll soon be able to build a reputation and enjoy success thanks to this activity.

Investing in ChatGPT and other AIs

If you believe in the potential of ChatGPT and generative AIs, why not invest in this technology now ? Even if OpenAI is not listed on the stock exchange, you can buy Microsoft shares, for example. Remember that the American giant intends to invest $10 billion in the company to inject artificial intelligence into its products.

Tips for making money with ChatGPT

Here are a few tips if you want to generate revenue with ChatGPT. Make sure you use these tools legally and ethically, in particular by respecting the rules governing the protection of personal data.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT remains a limited toolunable to replace human expertise and judgment. Before publishing texts produced by this chatbot, check that they pass the plagiarism tests of software such as

If you provide services using ChatGPT, it’s best to make sure your customers don’t have any reservations to using AI. Some companies are wary of these technologies, so transparency is preferable.

Another point to remember is that ChatGPT is currently accessible to anyone. Even if many people are unaware of the possibilities offered, it will be difficult to make money exploiting this tool alone. Better to find a relevant and inventive way of combining several different AIs like ChatGPT and MidJourney…