how Harrison Ford got younger with AI?

Harrison Ford returns to youth as Indiana Jones for the fifth installment of the famous saga. A technological feat that promises to bring the famous adventurer back to the big screen with a bang.

Since the release of his first opus in 1981, Indiana Jones has become an icon of adventure cinema. After a long wait, the famous archaeologist returns in a long-awaited fifth installment, entitled “The Dial of Destiny. But this time, an intriguing peculiarity lurks behind the filming: how could Harrison Ford, at the age of 80, have regain his youthful appearance of the time ? The answer lies in the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Indiana Jones returns: AI brings young Harrison Ford back to life

Fans of the Indiana Jones franchise are eagerly awaiting the return of Harrison Ford as the iconic hero. The trailer for this new opus shows a Indiana Jones with a youthful appearance in certain parts of the film. This plotline caused concern among fans, given Ford’s current age.

However, director James Mangold has come up with an innovative solution using new AI technology. This combines old footage of the actor to create a true face of the young Ford of the 1980s. The footage includes scenes from Star Wars and Indiana Jones never released in cinemas.

Harrison Ford reveals the incredible power of Lucasfilm’s AI

During his appearance on The Late Show, hosted by Stephen Colbert, Harrison Ford shared some captivating information about the capabilities of the artificial intelligence used at Lucasfilm. According to the actorAI is capable of analyzing all production film footageincluding scenes that have never been broadcast.

“They have this artificial intelligence program that can go through every footage Lucasfilm has“, said Ford. “Since I’ve done so many films for them, they have all that footage, even the ones that didn’t make it to air. So they can extract it where the light comes from, from the expression.”

Ford is impressed by the technology of the film industry. For him, seeing himself looking younger on screen is quite frightening. However, he is grateful to have lived to his present age and has no desire to grow younger.