How AI is shaking up the casino world!

Does the growing impact of AI on casino gaming make it a threat or an asset?

AI is making inroads into every field, including casino gaming. Its programs are capable of beating the best players in the world. Its incredible computing power means it can determine the probabilities and even play for hours on end.

AI revolutionizes casino gaming

It has already celebrated a victory in the poker game. His special algorithm, designed by developers at Facebook’s AI Lab and Carnegie Mellon University, successfully advised the best human poker players. This algorithm, called Pluribus, played alone against five human opponents, and won the game.

Poker is a game of instinct and bluffing, but AI has made its mark in this game. It has even played in games based on logic and management of the playing field. Playing poker, however, is quite different. AI has undoubtedly reached a new stage in its development.

The future of casino gaming

AI robots are used to reproduce human successes, especially for casino games. In other words, AI can also cause losses for casinos. Indeed, the use of these robots will eventually driving humans away from casinos. This would ultimately lead to the death of the casino gaming industry. In the long term, this would be detrimental to these gaming halls.

Normally, casino games are played face-to-face with other people. But we’re forced to admit that facing virtually invincible robots is particularly disturbing. The question then arises: where is AI taking us in the future?

The advantage of the AI robot is thatit can replace casino staff. What’s more, AI doesn’t have human weaknesses, and doesn’t get tired. And above all, the robot doesn’t risk making mistakes.

The major drawback is the possible disappearance of these arcades. Because of AI, players’ motivation for casino games has decreased. Players are aware that their chances of winning against a robot are minimal. Especially since they can no longer rely on bluffing to throw off their opponents.