Generative AI, data security and self-service

Denodo, at the service of Cloud and Data Lakes, increases user productivity and minimizes expenses thanks to recent evolutions of its platform. With the new features integrated into the Denodo Platform, data manipulation is democratized thanks to generative AI, and in turn accelerates operations relating to data security and helps improve self-service for operational teams, while reinforcing FinOps skills.

A commitment to data

Paris, November 8, 2023 – Denodo, a leading figure in data management, today unveils a series of significant enhancements to its platform, designed to help companies popularize the use of data via generative AI, enforce stringent security and cost management policies, and foster self-service among users, equipping them with the ability to produce their own data artifacts. This news follows on from Denodo’s recent announcement that it had raised $336 million in funding, demonstrating its determination to drastically transform the way companies innovate by unifying data in real time, thus guaranteeing data ubiquity and security for all users and business applications.

Denodo Generative AI platform

The importance of data in the age of digitalization

“It is imperative that data forms the bedrock of all corporate concerns, if they are to focus their activities on their data and remain competitive in the age of digitalization,” stresses Sanjeev Mohan, SanjMo Director and former Gartner Research Vice President, Data and Analytics. “However, all too often, data remains inaccessible, buried too deep, its accessibility an arduous task. This obviously depreciates its value and its potential to serve as a lever for optimizing business processes, decision-making and the exploitation of emerging technologies such as GenAI. Denodo is dedicated to pushing back the boundaries of data integration, management and dissemination via a logical approach, enabling companies to maximize the value of their initiatives.”

Optimizing access to cloud and data lakes

As companies continue to integrate new products and undertake data analytics projects on various cloud platforms and systems, they remain faced with a myriad of challenges. With the latest features of the Denodo Platform, all stakeholders can rely on a secure source of reliable data, for optimized access to cloud and data lakes, guaranteeing top-level performance. By enabling self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration and enterprise data services, Denodo is constantly pushing the boundaries of data management with a logical approach.

Self-service for business teams

The significant enhancements to the Denodo platform will give companies the means to :

Democratize the use of data with the help of generative AI by enabling professionals to converse with their data in natural language, without the need for SQL skills or access to BI tools. New features include pre-built integrations with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI, guaranteeing natural language access to all datasets managed and provided by the Denodo Platform.

Denodo Generative AI Platform

Strengthening the development of data products by giving business teams the power to create and deliver their own data products, enabling collaboration and data sharing both internally and externally. Data users have the privilege of creating, delivering and sharing their datasets directly in Denodo Data Catalog, using drag-and-drop view creation wizards and an integrated SQL shell. Data access request workflows can now be available in Denodo Data Catalog, giving data owners the ability to respond quickly to requests and gain extended visibility over the use of sensitive data, to harmonize data access and governance.

Cost management with FinOps

The new FinOps dashboard helps reduce cloud costs by controlling expenses and optimizing workloads, including the costs of computing and transiting data across the various databases, data lakes and other platforms employed within the enterprise and in the cloud. Denodo Platform’s new FinOps dashboard provides operational teams and finance professionals with information and reports on the various costs incurred, derived from the analytical and operational data workloads managed by the system.

Use of big data and massive parallel processing

Democratize big data analysis and improve profitability by optimizing data processing workloads for both performance and cost as data volumes increase : Denodo now offers massively massive parallelism (MPP) processing features based on Presto, the open source parallel SQL query engine, to improve performance when processing large volumes of data. While these MPP functionalities, integrated in particular with the data catalog and generative AI, are designed to increase the use of big data by business users tenfold, they do not require any expertise in SQL or advanced analysis to handle.

Access control and compliance

To simplify access control to all data and accelerate privacy compliance at an entrepreneurial level, data owners can now regulate access to their data products through the use of indirect access controls in derived views. Indispensable in data sharing and multi-tenant deployments, these access policies are based on the details of the user’s client session, and thus promote data sovereignty as well as other location-dependent compliance capabilities. In addition, it would now be possible for security tags and classifications to be automatically harmonized with data governance tools such as Collibra.

Albert Pan’s vision

Albert Pan, Denodo’s Executive Vice President and CTO, believes that “more and more companies are acting on projects involving data sharing, analytics, generative AI and other capabilities, and they’re already on the path to distributed data management principles by using data meshing and data weaving to optimize efficiency, capitalize on existing assets, minimize risk and perform superior analytics. “The enhancements we’ve made to Denodo Platform are designed to strengthen these companies’ data security, leverage AI to facilitate self-service for sales teams, and ultimately achieve control over financial operations to improve performance and their bottom line.”

We invite you to view this video for a sneak peek at Denodo Plateform 8.0.

November 08, 2023 press release