CES Las Vegas 2024, Ontbo and emotional artificial intelligence

Ontbo causes a stir by announcing its participation in CES Las Vegas 2024. This is a deeptech company specializing in artificial intelligence focused on the measurement and analysis of emotions and the digital psyche.. This prestigious event is an opportunity to present an innovative technology that opens up new perspectives in fields such as sports, luxury goods, cosmetics, banking and insurance.

Ontbo CES Las Vegas Emotional artificial intelligence

At the cutting edge of emotional AI technology

Ontbo stands out for its unique technology based on emotional artificial intelligencethe fruit of many years of research and development. This advanced technology measures and analyzes users’ emotions and psyche in real time. It thus offers unique user experiences and hyper-personalized.

This short interview already shows Ontbo’s expertise:

A diversified application

Ontbo’s technology offers a multitude of application possibilities. It enables :

  • Real-time analysis athletes’ emotional reactions ;
  • Helping esports coaches in their decision-making;
  • Improve customer relations in the banking sector;
  • And also offer hyper-personalized products in the luxury and cosmetics sectors.

Ontbo’s three-phase technology

At CES Las Vegas 2024, Ontbo is previewing its three-phase emotional AI technology:

  1. Measuring emotional states. This phase relies on the use of sensors, such as facial, audio and text sensors, and bio-signals such as EEG, ECG, EDA and PPG.
  2. Digital Psyche. Patented by Ontbo, this phase involves the analysis of the user’s behavior, personality, preferences, age, gender, etc. It encodes this information in computerized form for use in the next phase of the process. It encodes this information in computerized form to predict emotional and cognitive reactions with a high degree of accuracy.
  3. Prediction and recommendation. Based on data from the first two phases, Ontbo’s AI can predict emotional reactions and tailor recommendations accordingly. This interoperable, multimodal technology opens up new prospects for maximizing performance of athletes, companies and brands.

Ontbo CES Las Vegas Emotional artificial intelligence

AI for sports and business

Emotions play a central role in the human experience. In the field of eSports, Ontbo has, among other things, enabled a coach to analyze the emotional data of his players. using bio-sensors. This real-time analysis enabled the coach to adapt his strategy according to the state of mind of his athletes.

Ontbo CES Las Vegas
Emotional artificial intelligence

Come and discover Ontbo’s exclusive solution

CES Las Vegas 2024 offers an exclusive opportunity to discover Ontbo’s revolutionary technology. See you there at the French pavilion, stand no. 8, to test this innovative solution, which promises to transform the way we understand and use emotions and the digital psyche.

Ontbo CES Las Vegas Emotional artificial intelligence

Whatever the case, Ontbo has established itself as a major player in deeptech, and offers a glimpse into the future of emotional artificial intelligence at CES Las Vegas.

Article based on a press release received by the editors.