What you need to know about JavaScript

JavaScript is used in almost all websites and applications on the Internet. Necessary in most daily operations, it plays various essential roles. Besides being very easy to learn, it is an incredibly versatile programming language. It is a must-have for any developer.

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But what is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a textual programming language. One of the assets that makes it special is that it is used both from client side and server side. Compared to the other known basic languages like HTML and CSS, the latter has better capabilities. It is mainly used for make web pages and applications more dynamic and interactive. This is in order to encourage visitors to come back in their next searches. By the way, JavaScript is used very daily by users, just by browsing the Amazon search box for example. It can also update a Twitter feed or offer Youtube video summaries integrated with the New York Times.

Linking CSS, HTML and JavaScript

However, these programming languages complement each other. HTML is required for everything related to the basic structure. As for CSS, it finds its place in the formatting and layout preferences. The latter also contributes control the presentation of text, images and other content on a web page. JavaScript intervenes on this last point. Its mission is toimprove these elements. It puts to transform the static features into more interactive and exciting features.

It must be admitted then that JavaScript is not destined to replace other programming languages. Rather, the language is intended to be combined with them.

The roles of Javascript

There are several cases where JavaScript can be used. Mostly, it is used for Web applications and Web browsers. Since then, many users also use it in software, servers and embedded hardware controls. Here are then its main uses.

Promote the interactivity of a web page

One of the primary roles of JavaScript is to allow users to interact with Web pages. It makes them attractive and easier to navigate. There is no limit to what they can do. The list of things that can be done with Javascript is quite long. However, we can cite these few examples. In a Web page, this programming language is particularly concerned with the display of animations and the scrolling a carousel of images on the home page. It also creates the functional drop-down menus called “hamburger”. JavaScript also allows you to perform a zoom in and out on the imagesof change the color of the buttons when the user passes and show or hide more information with a single click. It is also thanks to him that the audio and videos can be read in a Web page. In addition, JavaScript allows to display a timer or a countdown on a Web site.

In summary, JavaScript is truly radical. It makes a web page very interactive while allowing it to engage visitors to stay and return.

Creating Web and Mobile Applications

Many developers potentially choose the Javascript Frameworks in the creation of their Web or mobile applications. This is for the simple reason that they allow the use of tasks and functionalities of routines common to multiple applications using pre-written code. In fact, these Frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries. They provide developers with pre-written code to use for routine programming features and tasks. Among the most popular frameworks can be mentioned Vue, React, React Native and Angular.

Web server creation and server application development

In addition to allowing the creation of Web sites and applications, Javascript also emphasizes the creation of Web servers. Developers can use it to create simple web servers. In this respect, some of them choose to use Node.jsa JavaScript back-end infrastructure. It can create basic web servers and build on the infrastructure of a site. Some famous examples include Paypal, LinkedIn, Netflix and Uber.

The development of the game

On the other hand, JavaScript is widely used in the development of browser-based games. This choice is made mostly by new developers who want to practice and hone their skills. Indeed, it is an excellent way for beginning developers to practice their JavaScript skills.

Why choose JavaScript?

Programming languages are multiplying day by day. However, JavaScript is now one of the most advantageous.

The advantages of JavaScript

Apart from interactivity that it creates to a Web page, its speed is also excellent. By greatly reducing the demand on the server, JavaScript executes immediately in the browser. Therefore, websites load and run faster. Javascript is also in favor of simplicity. It is very easy to implement and requires only a basic level of knowledge. It is a language that works with most other programming languages. Thus, it integrates easily in a lot of different applications. With these many advantages, JavaScript has become very popular. This is also one of its strengths. Most sites use it in one form or another regardless of the nature of the website.

JavaScript: only one drawback

JavaScript does not have any major drawbacks. Its only limitation is the JavaScript code. Indeed, this one exposes the clients to a risk of security breaches because it is visible to users.

In spite of this, Javascript is nowadays the most popular programming language. Although it is the only language of native programming language for Web browsers. New programmers can then take advantage of this to learn the basics of the language and use them in projects. Besides, it is a really fun language to learn.

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