What is the salary of a Data Engineer?

Find out what a Data Engineer’s or Data Engineer’s salary really is, in France and abroad, according to their level of experience or the sector of activity.

With the rise of Big Data, companies in all sectors are increasingly looking for “Data Engineers”. The role of these data professionals is to collect and transform data so that Data Scientists can analyze it.

The Data Engineer designs and develops the platforms for Big Data processing. He deploys data pipelines secure for data analysts and scientists.

Given the high demand, the salary of a data engineer can be high. However, several factors can influence it such as geographic location, industry sector, level of skills required or local competition. Find out how much a data engineer earns based on these factors.

The salary of a Data Engineer in France

In France, the salary of a Data Engineer is 44 000€ per year on average according to Glassdoor. The salary range is from €36,000 to €75,000.

In Paris, according to the Economic Research InstituteIt is much higher at €91,929. According to Glassdoor and PayScale, it is rather between 45 000 and 50 000€.

Recently, in July 2020, DataScientest conducted a survey on Data Jobs salaries in France among CAC 40 companies. According to this survey, a data engineer receives between 35,000 and 60,000 euros per year and can earn a lot more depending on his level of experience.

A survey conducted by Opinionway in 2018 among the 45 companies in the TuringClub seems to confirm these figures, and an upward trend. In 2016 and 2018, salaries have increased by 10%. or even 12% for senior profiles who are the most sought-after due to their experience.

According to this study, a beginner would be paid 37 900€. With two years of experience, the salary would rise to €42,900. Beyond two years, it would rise to €57,700 per year.

In the provinces, the salary would be 4% lower in the provinces compared to Paris for beginners. For profiles with 5 to 10 years of experience, the gap would increase to 8.5%.

Data Engineer Salary in Europe and the UK

Europe-wide, some countries are more attractive than France for the Data Engineers, some less. In Germany60,632 per year.

In SwedenThe average is 575,961 crowns or 55,558€. In SpainHowever, it falls to an average of €34,468 per year.

At United KingdomOn average, a Data Engineer earns £43,725 a year. Many companies regularly recruit Data Engineers in cities such as London or Liverpool. This is particularly the case for Shop Direct and Tessian.

According to the local website cwjobs.uk, average earnings range from £57,500 to £82,500 with a median of £72,500. À In London, the average salary is £82,500.. In Bristol, on the other hand, it drops to £57,500.

The salary of a Data Engineer in the United States

In the United States, the average salary of a Data Engineer is of $116,591. However, this amount can vary greatly from state to state and even from city to city.

In New York City, the average salary is 123,070 per year. That’s 6% above the national average. Large companies like CapitalOne recruit very frequently.

The second most attractive city for data engineers is Los Angeles. The average annual salary is $118,122. Several companies such as Spokeo, CyberCoders and NEXT are located there.

In third place on the podium is Seattle. The average salary for Data Engineers there is $110,479 per year. Companies actively recruiting include Red Ventures and Revel Consulting.

The salary of a Data Engineer in India

India, according to GlassdoorThe average annual salary of a Data Engineer is 839,565 rupees or the equivalent of 9712€. In other words, the salary was rather low compared to other countries.

However, embarking on a career in India can offer good prospects for the future. It is a bet on the future of this developing country.

Most vacancies are located in Bangalore. In particular, American companies such as Lookout, IBM or Autodesk are recruiting data engineers on a very regular basis.

The salary of a Data Engineer in the rest of the world

At CanadaThe average salary for a Data Engineer is $80,000 Canadian dollars per year. One of the most attractive cities is Toronto. Several companies there are looking for many engineers, including Index Exchange and StackAdapt. For Francophones, it is of course possible to find work in Quebec.

According to Payscal, in Mexicothe average salary is the equivalent of $25,000 a year. In Australia, it is 103,346 Australian dollars or the equivalent of approximately 61,000 euros.

À SingaporeOn average, a data engineer earns $62,000 Singapore dollars a year or about 38,611 euros. Finally, in South Africathe Data Engineer wins 591,868 Rand, or about 30,000 euros.

The salary of a Data Engineer according to his experience

The level of experience and competence of a Data Engineer also affects his salary. In the United States, the average base salary is $112,555 per year, but drops to $105,435 for junior profiles.

The most experienced profiles, as Senior Data EngineerThe United States of America receives $148,216 a year. The remuneration can therefore increase significantly with years of experience.

The salary of a Data Engineer at Facebook and Amazon

Most Data Engineers are looking to work for large tech companies, and more particularly for the GAFAM. This is the industry that pays the most, and offers many opportunities for growth, many benefits and large bonuses.

According to Paysa, the average Data Engineer’s salary at Amazon reaches $139,513 per year. This calculation is based on the average salary of 634 employees. At Facebook, the average annual salary is $210,895 according to information provided by 94 engineers.

Now you know how much a data engineer or data engineer can expect to earn. For gain skills to this profession, there are several choices available to you.

You can take a university course, or turn to online training. Among the best, we recommend the DataScientest courses: French leader in the field training in the field of Data Science.

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