Voiceover and marketing: what impact on the message?

Accustomed to videos since the emergence of social networks, the public is asking for more, and the voiceover allows to stand out. Choosing a professional voice-over for your company’s videos allows you to convey your message with confidence and professionalism.

The human voice is the most effective way to communicate with listeners. It offers the possibility to express nuanced emotions. However, it should be noted that Internet users can tolerate a mediocre video until the end. However, they will tune out within seconds if the voiceover is not clear, professional and authentic.

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How can a voiceover help a company with its marketing campaign?

The voice-over represents an important element for making content more presentable. By varying the expressions, accent, and style of a voice-over actor, videos become more engaging than simply displaying text with background music.

Voiceovers for commercials not only provide narration to a variety of video and audio productions. In fact, they also contribute improve the quality of the message and to stimulate the reactions of listeners and viewers.

The power of voice-overs is an effective way to disseminate information and pique the interest of a certain audience. Its impact is very important, as it helps attract consumers.

Professional voice over or self recording?

Sometimes contractors choose to cut costs by having an employee record their voiceover. But there are drawbacks to this approach. Learn about some of them.

The audio quality is mostly poor. In fact, the different types of noise can interfere with the clarity of the messages. In addition, sometimes the vocal tone is uniform and boring. This can damage the company’s reputation.

The text flow may be incorrect. If the playback is too fast or too slow, the audio has an amateur quality.

If you don’t have a professional studio to make the recording, any changes you make afterwards will have trouble matching the original audio. In addition, they may be noticed when the video is edited.

Why use a professional voice-over artist?

It has been shown that to use platforms of freelance, like Fiverr, allows for a more explanatory video. In fact, professional voices know how to control the rhythm and breath, so that the audience does not hear annoying pauses while listening. They train their voices for years and know how to make any communication easy to follow and interesting.

Thanks to their ability to, they improve SEO and online presence. In fact, they increase conversion rates by up to 65% when videos or ads are published. In addition, using a professional decreases the bounce rate by encouraging visitors to watch the embedded explainer video.

Voiceovers increase as emails with videos are more likely to be opened. These improvements reinforce the brand to the audience.

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