Toucan Toco opens up Data-Driven Performance Management to data novices

Toucan Toco is a tool that gives data novices access to the benefits of reporting and data analysis for performance management. Find out everything you need to know about this solution that aims to democratize Big Data in the enterprise…

For companies in all industries, data analysis offers many benefits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of existing tools are too difficult for non-technical users to master.

As a result, most of them end up refrain from data mining at their disposal. Those who don’t give up waste valuable hours generating reports that ultimately provide little value.

Often, these reporting tasks are entrusted to teams of Data Scientists and other data experts. These specialists are skilled in data analysis, but don’t always understand the issues and realities of the company and its business.

The reports that they produce are therefore difficult to use. by the organization’s teams, needing to respond to concrete needs. Ultimately, this mode of operation therefore represents a waste of time.

In order to remedy this problem, Toucan Toco was created in 2015. The goal? Open access to data to the entire companyThis is not just for technical experts, but also for beginners.

Toucan Toco: data analysis accessible to all

To achieve this, Toucan Toco is developing a reporting application accessible to all. This “Data Story Telling” tool is distinguished by its simplicity and readability.

This platform allows to view the main indicators of its activity on any device, including smartphone or tablet through a mobile application. Users can make decisions based on data analysis to drive business performance.

The real strength is that the application is custom-builts, based on the concrete objectives of the organization. The different business lines can easily build their mobile applications, without computer code, thanks to an intuitive and visual interface and an integrated UX.

Simply choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be monitored, and the reporting process is fully automated. The application can be deployed in just two months.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to to store huge volumes of data that will remain untapped. There is no longer any need to cumulate numerous reporting tools, Excel and PowerPoint files. All employees can enjoy the benefits of data analysis and generate reports that can be directly activated at any time from a single, centralized application.

A solution widely used in all sectors of activity

This democratization of access to data offers many advantages. It makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs data by 40%, and multiplies by 5 the capacity for producing reports and dashboards.

In addition, this tool encourages different teams to use data analysis. Within organizations using Toucan Toco, the adoption rate exceeds 80%..

The use case of this platform are numerous. It allows to pilot the activity, the performance of the network, the commercial fleet, or to manage stocks.

In a few years of existence, Toucan Toco has managed to federate more than 140 key account customers for nearly 300 projects. Users include Lacoste, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas and Marques Avenue. This solution is increasingly used in the retail and pharmaceutical sectors because of the many advantages it offers.

Discover Toucan Toco through a 30-minute masterclass

If you, in turn, would like to adopt Toucan Toco for your company, you can find out more about the tool on the official website at this address. In addition, training in the form of a masterclass will take place very soon to allow the tool to be taken in hand.

After a brief introduction, participants will receive a 30-minute training session with the Product Manager. This is an opportunity to discover the different steps in the handling of this tool, such as the integration of KPIs in the dashboard and the generation of reports. At the end of this training, participants will be able to benefit from a first test application.

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